Adventures of an Ecologist

Adventures of an Ecologist

Lucy Rowland

University of Exeter

I am an ecologist researching how tropical ecosystems, from humid tropical rain forests to dry forest and savannas, respond to environmental change and how restoring these ecosystems can help us address the climate and biodiversity crises.

In my role as Professor at The University of Exeter, I lead a research group ficusing on making detailed measurements of plant characteristics relating to the carbon and water cycle in tropical ecosystems to understand how these cycles interact and are limited by changing environmental conditions. Furthermore, we undertake research into the most effective ways to restore tropical ecosystems. Principally, I focus on how to restore climate-smart ecosystems, which can be both resilient to future climate change, alongside acting as a natural climate solution and preserving biodiversity.

My research team are working across South America and SE Asia, including some of the world’s most remote tropical forest field sites. If you want to find out more visit my publications and research group pages.