• The Devon Net Zero Assembly Research Project is focused on Public and Political actors’ perceptions and expectations of the Devon Net Zero Citizen’s Assembly process.
  • The plan for a Devon Net Zero citizens’ assembly forms part of the work of The Devon Climate Emergency Response Group, a multi-stakeholder partnership established following the declaration of a climate emergency by local authorities in 2019.
  • Our project has identified gaps in knowledge on the legitimacy and perceived representativeness of ‘Rural’ citizens’ assemblies. Recent UK assemblies have commonly had an urban focus and the wider project aims to explore the challenges and operations of a rural based citizens’ assembly.
  • We are contributing to a gap in knowledge by investigating public and stakeholders’ perceptions of the value of Citizens’ Assemblies. Our project compares and contrasts views of the public and those commissioning the Citizens’ Assembly, focusing on perceptions of the legitimacy and credibility and likely impacts of the assembly.


Images above courtesy of Bob Blob on Unsplash and Devon Climate Emergency Website