Dr Ute Schuster

Ute is a marine biogeochemist specialising in the study of the variability of the marine carbon cycle through observations and numerical techniques. She is a member of the observational group at Exeter that specialises in making and interpreting oceanic measurements of carbon cycle parameters at high accuracy. Her core research aims to understand the biogeochemical drivers of the changes observed in the marine carbon cycle, both the exchange of CO2 with the atmosphere at the sea surface and the transport of carbon in the ocean interior.

She is a member of the Scientific Steering Group of the International Ocean Carbon Coordination Project (, and leads the Atlantic section in the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (

She is actively involved in the UK projects RAGNARoCC ( and the Ocean Acidification Programme (, and the EU projects CARBOCHANGE (, INGOS (, GREENCYCLES II (, and GEOCARBON (, and FixO3 (

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