Dr Witold Tatkiewicz

I am skilled individual cursed with acute multidisciplinaritis.

I have started my adventure with science by obtaining materials science MSc. It was followed by PhD in Spain: although I stayed faithful to the field, my time was spend in organic chemistry group mostly on microbiology, instrumental analysis, developing microfluidic prototypes and image analysis. Next step was postdoctoral position focused on health education in rural parts of Africa where Ebola Virus Disease took its greatest toll. Since it was realm of social network analysis and qualitative social studies, where numbers are a bit too open for interpretation for my taste, I have pleasure to contribute humble inputs into bioinformatics. It was followed briefly by short term lecturing mechanics in Shiyan, China, just before joining Exeter Atmospheric and Ocean Science.

Here I’m working on sensor systems that will cast light on carbon dioxide circulation and ultimately contribute to balance global CO2 budget.

Stuff I do for fun: MS Excel and mountain ultramarathons.