Philosophy and Psychedelics Exeter Research Group
  • Philosophy and Psychedelics Exeter Research Group

    Edited Volume

    Philosophy and Psychedelics
    Edited by Christine Hauskeller and Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes
    (London: Bloomsbury Academic – 2022)

    Table of Contents

    Introduction – Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes and Christine Hauskeller (University of Exeter, UK)

    1. Transpersonal Gratitude and Psychedelic Altered States of Consciousness, Taline Artinian (University of Exeter, UK)

    2. What is Real(ity)?, John H. Buchanan (Centre for Process Studies, USA)

    3. A Cultural History of Psychedelics in the US, Kyle Buller, Joe Moore, and Lenny Gibson (Dreamshadow Group, USA)

    4. Power and the Sublime in Aldous Huxley’s Drug Aesthetics, Robert Dickins (Psychedelic Press, UK)

    5. Decolonizing the Philosophy of Psychedelics, Osiris Sinuhé González Romero (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

    6. Making Your Soul Visible, Michael Halewood (University of Essex, UK)

    7. Individualization and Alienation: Paradoxes in Psychedelic Psychotherapy, Christine Hauskeller (University of Exeter, UK)

    8. Walter Benjamin and Herbert Marcuse: Psychedelics and Revolution, Fernando Huesca Ramon (Meritorius Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico)

    9. Mary on Acid: Experiences of Unity and the Epistemic Gap, Jussi Jylkkä (Åbo Akademi University, Finland)

    10. Are Psychedelic Drugs Distorting?, Ole Martin Moen (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)

    11. The Unconscious in Zen and Psychedelic Experience, Steve Odin (University of Hawai’i, USA)

    12. Altered Consciousness after Descartes: Whitehead’s Philosophy of Organism as Psychedelic Realism, Matthew D. Segall (California Institute of Integral Studies, USA)

    13. The White Sun of Substance: Spinozism and the Psychedelic Amor Dei Intellectualis, Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes (University of Exeter, UK)

    14. Journeying in the Realm of the Unconscious: Jung’s Liber Novus and Psychedelic Experience, Johanna Hilla Sopanen (University of Exeter, UK)

    15. Arguments for the Psychedelic Cure of Western Philosophy, Michel Weber (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)