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The University of Exeter is a leading academic centre for research in the philosophy, psychology, anthropology and neuropharmacology of psychedelics. The revived global interest and practice in this field has allowed Exeter to assemble diverse perspectives for discourse, research and collaboration.

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In this collection of pages, we present more information on psychedelic studies at Exeter including our courses, academics, research collaborations, publications, social events and also our thriving Psychedelics Colloquium that is hosted at the University (and hybrid) throughout the academic year. The Colloquium is a collective effort often attracting key figures and diverse disciplinary perspectives in the expanding field of psychedelic research and practice.

Our Colloquium meets fortnightly in term times
Please click HERE for more information on guests and speakers, including the diary of previous speakers and recordings where available.

AJP – Ketamine
Nature – Ayahuasca
ISR – Psychedelics Special Edition

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Psychedelic Studies at Exeter

In 2020, the University of Exeter offered the first Masters and Undergraduate level modules in philosophy and psychedelics in the UK. In 2023, this was followed by our PG Certificate in psychedelics. This is the UK’s first academically certified programme in the psychedelics field taught by leading academics at the forefront of current research. Covering key theories and approaches to psychedelics across both science and philosophy including Mind, Culture and Medicine. Students learn about psychological therapy, neuroscience, ethics, metaphysics, and research methods that feature as key components of psychedelic therapist training. 

The launch of the PG Cert in Psychedelics generated interest and national press including in The Guardian newspaper. The Certificate follows a growing acceptance that psychedelic therapeutic access is becoming a reality. It was developed not only for therapists, counsellors and psychiatrists interested in branching out into the psychedelic sphere, but also for those with a growing interest in psychedelic research who want to continue their studies in this space. The University of Exeter has built a global reputation as leaders in psychedelic research and healthcare. Students receive tuition from academics at the forefront of this field of research. Course content introduces students to both the practical and theoretical sides of contemporary psychedelic research, learning such therapies are developed alongside ethical aspects of global psychedelic use such as decolonisation, laws, patents, ecology and feminism.

Our People

Exeter has assembled leading academics at the forefront of current research into psychedelics.

Many of the teaching staff at the University of Exeter are familiar names to those interested in the renaissance of psychedelic research. Click the thumbnails below to see biographies of some of the key people in our Research Group. To see biographies of the presenters and contributors who have participated in our Colloquium, click here.

Prof Christine Hauskeller
Prof Celia Morgan
Dr Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes
Dr Leor Roseman
Dr Andy Letcher
Dr Luis Eduardo Luna