SeaCURE: Seawater Carbon Unlocking and Removal


Accelerating the ocean’s natural removal of atmospheric carbon

SeaCURE has developed and demonstrated the components of a marine-based Negative Emissions Technology (NET), with the potential to be applied at very large scales. The system makes use of the natural behaviour of the carbon cycle, i.e. the ‘sucking’ of CO2 out of the atmosphere in response to the atmosphere-ocean difference in CO2 concentration generated by rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations. We are now designing and building a demonstration plant in the UK which will operate at a rate of 100 tonnes of CO2 removal from the atmosphere per year, developing and testing state of-the-art approaches to verify that CO2 removal, and carefully building the evidence based required for larger-scale plant deployment.

SeaCURE is a collaboration between world leading academic experts (in ocean carbon and climate monitoring and modelling, green infrastructure, life cycle analysis and marine law) and engineering and technology-focused SMEs with expertise in carbon removal, water processing and plant design and build.

Project partners