Top 5 Instagram Spots in Exeter

As someone who loves photography, here are my top 5 spots in Exeter to Instagram.

1. Exeter Quay

The Exeter Quayside is a ten minute walk from the city centre, and one of my favourite spots Exeter. Watch the swans, or enjoy the student favourite ‘On The Waterfront’  for delicious pizzas. During the summer, the quayside is the best place to canoe or kayak, or cycle down to the Exeter Canal Cycle Route.

2. Glorious Art House

The Glorious Art House is known for being the most colourful café in Exeter! It is the perfect place to enjoy a brownie and hot chocolate.

3. Exeter Cathedral

According to TripAdvisor, the Exeter Cathedral is the #1 attraction in Exeter. With the gorgeous Cathedral Green, don’t be too surprised if you see lots of people there when the sun is out! The Cathedral Green is also home to a variety of different restaurants such as Cote, Ask Italian, Pizza Express. However, my favourite is Tea on the Green, who are known for their cream teas. Enjoy the view of the Cathedral with a nice cup of tea.

4. The Old Fire House

The Old Fire House has a cosy atmosphere, making it a favourite amongst both locals and students. They offer a huge range of different foods and drinks, the pizzas being the most popular. If you’re a fan of live music, head to The Old Fire House every Friday and Saturday night!

5. Rennes Drive

One of the things I love the most about Exeter is how much open space there is. This secret spot is actually on campus behind the Exeter Business School, by Rennes Drive. Walk along the trail to explore how beautiful Exeter is!