Our team of student bloggers write about anything and everything to do with life at the University of Exeter. Stuff like lectures, seminars and exams, societies and volunteering, plans for after graduation, life in Exeter and Cornwall, and what they think about the latest higher education stories in the news. Basically anything that our students think might be interesting to their friends and peers!

You can find out more about our individual bloggers on the student bloggers page.

Blogging helps you work on a range of professional skills including thinking creatively, writing for an audience, and proof-reading . So, you can count working on a student blog toward your Exeter Award’s 35 hour’s volunteering and/or work experience.

If you have any questions about the Students’ Blog, or if you want to become a blogger, please contact marketing@exeter.ac.uk. Please note, these blogs are driven entirely by student content and we do not feature ‘guest posts’.