Bill’s restaurant in Exeter

For a vegetarian, finding good food to eat out can sometimes be tricky. And for a picky student with limited budget, its even more difficult. So when my friend took me to Bill’s in Exeter, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked it! The food, the ambiance, the service – everything was pretty good. Want to know more? Read on…  

The entrance to Bill’s

Bill’s is located off Little Queen Street, near the High Street. Its gets pretty busy so don’t be too surprised if you need to wait – or you can book a table. Then, when you walk in, you first get assailed by the strong herb-y smell. It was a different scent that needed some getting used to, but it was quite nice after that. I quite liked the decor as well.

My lovely main course

I ordered the vegan meal -oven roasted ginger and sesame cauliflower

steak for £11.95. When it made an appearance, I was enchanted by the portion size! Oh and how pretty it looked too, I guess! But I quite liked the dish. The flavouring, the seasoning and the presentation was good. It took me quite a while to get through it!

Then I got the warm chocolate brownie, which came with some spiced vanilla ice-cream and drenched in chocolate sauce. And it was amazing! I forgot all about taking a commemorative photo and dived right in! Pure delight!

Everyone enjoying Saturday lunch at Bill’s

All in all, Bill’s is a nice place to hang out in during a lazy afternoon and try some rather nice dishes. The main course was good, but I really loved the dessert!