A year ago I endured the long process of choosing and applying to universities, which you may be experiencing right now. I found it very overwhelming as there are countless universities that I could consider. But, in the end there could only be one that was perfect for me. What I found very helpful was to consider all possible aspects about the universities I’d applied for – ranging from the reputation of the University to available food! The result was me deciding to take BSc Business Economics at the University of Exeter. I could list many reasons for why I chose Exeter, but here are four primary reasons why:

  1. A course made for me

What stood out for me most were the courses that Exeter’s Business School offers. This includes Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Business and Management. Personally, I wanted a course that did not only focus on Economics or Business but was also fairly flexible in terms of modules. This is why I chose BSc Business Economics as a course under the Economics programme. This was the perfect course for me because I can choose Management, Economics, and Accounting & Finance optional modules. This way, I can tailor my studies to my own interests!

  1. University reputation

According to the Guardian’s 2018’s league table, Exeter takes the 13th position out of 121 Higher Education institutions in the UK. Additionally, the university came 1st for student satisfaction among the Russell Group universities in 2016. Its award-winning Students’ Guild stood out to me as they have over 221 societies to get involved in. I didn’t have any reason to worry about not fitting in because the University caters to everyone. In terms of my choices for university – Exeter offered me both an excellent education and student life.

  1. Beautiful campus and town

Moving to the other side of the world was definitely overwhelming, but I knew I would feel right at home in Exeter. Solely because the city is small, yet vibrant and beautiful. I feel that it is the perfect student city as it offers exciting student life, but just enough that I would not be distracted from studying. I was also reassured by the fact that the city offers many international restaurants, which made the change less drastic. However, before I moved to Exeter I was most excited about exploring the University’s beautiful campus. Every building for each department is unique and offers resourceful facilities that I was sure I could take advantage of. For more info on the campus’ facilities: https://www.exeter.ac.uk/visit/facilities/

  1. Affordable living

Lastly, living costs was also a very important aspect for me to consider. After a lot of research, I concluded that unlike other major cities in the UK, living costs in Exeter are great for students. Saving is not a problem here as everything is reasonably priced. Both university and private accommodations are also available to suit all types of budgets. For this reason, it made it easier for me to choose Exeter as my second home.

Overall, University of Exeter is the perfect place for me and I am glad that I chose Exeter. These are just some of the many reasons why I chose Exeter and these may also be some of the reasons why YOU should choose Exeter!