1. Tremough house

Tremough house is one of the oldest buildings on the Penryn Campus. Some students have their lectures and tutorials in the house which was originally built in the 18th Century.


Tremough house

The entrance to Tremough House might be the perfect location for your next Instagram shot – this is where final years like to pose with their dissertations. The inside and outside of the house look different to the other more modern buildings on campus due to the old-fashioned architecture









2. Italian or Heritage gardens

Next to Tremough house you can find the Italian gardens which look incredible on a sunny day.


                                                                                  Italian gardens

The diversity of the trees and flowers in the garden is fascinating. Art students often use the benches as a study space when the weather is nice. There is a small pond with fish in the garden which makes the garden even more attractive.

3. Stairs to the Italian gardens

                                                 Italian gardens stairs

Doesn’t it look like a movie scene? These interestingly shaped trees create an atmosphere of being in the South of France, don’t you agree? A great spot for those who truly love cute photography locations. It is right in the Italian gardens, so this area of the campus is definitely very instagrammable!

4. Little gate to the Walled Garden  

Walled garden 

Walking around campus always feels like being in a park or forest and this is one of the distinct features of campus.

The campus won a Green Flag Award for being a unique place for students and perfect habitat for wild trees and flowers.

The entrance to the Walled garden is hidden and the fact that not everybody is aware of this place makes it even more charming.









5. Hammocks in the Walled Garden 

                                                                              Walled garden

The hammocks are probably one of the most beloved students’ spots on campus on a nice day. You can come to relax and chat between or after lectures. A perfect way to finish a busy day.

6. Walled garden’s greenhouse


It’s a home for various plants and one of the prettiest places on campus to have lunch or a break. Also a good spot for a new Instagram picture!

7. Road to the Penryn train station

The campus ground has visually stunning gardens that are a haven for a diverse range of plants and animals.

Great place to go for a walk or take a bike ride to Penryn or Falmouth.







8. Stairs to accommodation

As you may have already noticed, the Penryn campus is very ‘’green’’ and undoubtedly differs from other university campuses.

There are a lot of cute stairs and paths as well as hidden gates and gardens.















9. Koofi 

Penryn campus has several cafés where students can get coffee as well as grab lunch or a snack, Koofi is one of them, and the benches outside are great for some insta snaps.


10. Glasney village – student accommodation

                                                          Glasney view

Even the student accommodation on Penryn campus is a very Instagrammable place because of the palm trees and colourful walls.

The benches can be a good spot to catch up with your flatmates after a day at Uni.

I hope this post will be useful for some of you to learn more about campus as well as the different spots to visit when you are feeling inspired to take a new picture.