For many of us, we have never experienced a time quite like the present. We are unable to leave our homes other than for essential shopping or one exercise per day, leaving many unable to see family and friends for long periods of time.

Despite the lockdown presenting us with many physical barriers that have to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety, we should not let the current climate create barriers to positivity and productivity in our minds. It is important to be positive and productive in order to remain on track to achieving all our hopes and dreams in a world post COVID-19, as one day we really will overcome this.

In order to maintain productivity during this stressful time, it is vital to get enough sleep, have a routine, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Just because we are staying inside most of the day does not provide an excuse to be unkind to yourself and let these things slip, so please, ensure you are taking good care of yourself.

Many people find that putting on some nicer clothes when beginning the working day and then changing into comfier clothes towards the evening, allows you to distinguish between work and downtime. This ensures that one spends the right amount of time on specific activities, in turn aiding productivity.

Another way to stay productive, is to dedicate your time to something new. The world is effectively on ‘pause’, so learning a new skill or further developing a pre-existing one is an amazing way to not only stay productive, but to do something positive amidst the negativity around us. If there was ever a time to do it, NOW is that time.

Staying positive during these trying times means staying connected. It’s important to regularly catch up with friends and family through online video chats, such as Skype or Zoom, or through another method that is of more convenience to you personally. This allows us to retain a sense of normality, have a shoulder to lean on, support others whilst following the Government’s social distancing guidelines.

A couple of Google searches will reveal a variety of opportunities where you can chat with others all around the world whom are also in lockdown- be sure to check they are run by trusted and safe organisations. For example, the Togetherness Campaign (run by Role Models Yorkshire) regularly host virtual coffee mornings to support people who are self-isolating. Please take a look at their Facebook page if this is something you are interested in, the team are so friendly and open!

In addition to checking in with others, remember to check in regularly with yourself too. Be kind and show love always- we all need it right now. Please stay safe, follow Government advice and be thankful to all keyworkers whom are risking their lives to help us. Remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will overcome this. Thank you for reading!