Hi, I’m Prutha! I’m a second year Economics and Finance student from Dubai, and this quarantine really got me reflecting on the many plans my friends and I had once term ended, exams were over and the good times began. Instead , I’m 7 seas away from them and the only thing on my mind is how much I miss my time at university. So whether you’re enjoying quarantine, just graduated, or a fresher looking to study here, here’s 7 things I miss about Exeter.

  1. The good times with all my pals:

Late night talks, nights out, trying to keep up with the British drinking games, 8:30 AM lectures, board games, disastrous cooking sessions and all the other everyday adventures I had with my friends and all the hours I spent laughing with them (or at them).

2. Midday lectures and The RAM:curly fries at the Exeter RAM 12:30 lectures were always good because firstly, most of my friends would be out of bed and attending them, and secondly it always meant lunch with my course mates at the RAM or Comida. I will perhaps forever miss and love the Curly fries at RAM, pancake days at Grove Diner, and the square pizzas at the Firehouse. I mean, look at those curls. I miss them terribly.


  1. The beauty of Exeter City and getting lost on campus:

As an international student living in a very modernised country with towering structures that reach the sky and scarce agriculture, I loved seeing the blooming presence of nature in Exeter, the Victorian Architecture and the classic British life. It was the riverside cafés,  running along the quay, the Cathedral, the smiling faces of the local coffee shop owners, the natural beauty of the Streatham campus, and  the sunny days when the ice cream truck was on campus that always lit up my university days even if I got lost in the greenery and somehow ended up at Reed Hall (Pro tip: freshers learn how to use Google maps, trust me.)

My 2nd year was filled with beautiful sunsets, snowy blankets and a gorgeous spring!


  1. Library sessions with Pret /Costa:

Spending endless hours in the library trying to finish that assignment, running to Pret for a quick lunch and maybe a coffee from Costa to push me through the day. The pressure is on, the tensions are high, and I’m texting all my friends trying to understand the sum. I might’ve complained then, but in lockdown, I realised I miss all the little things. The good, the bad, all of them.

  1. The exciting days out because of the fantastic University location:

My friends and I often found ourselves exploring around Devon and Exeter. We took a quick road trip to Killerton house (I had a very British day at the National Trust), visited Totnes and took a hike at Dartmoor and made the obligatory Exmouth visit. These were the days I really tasted the British culture by going out for afternoon tea, stargazing, trying Cornish pasties, and visiting castles. Next Destination: Cornwall !

  1. Wednesday sports days:

Wednesdays always promised to be fun, with all the classes ending early so students can engage in sports and other activities. Every Evening I’d trek up to the sports park for a 2-hour Table Tennis session. I’d always skip warm-up claiming the climb to the top of sports park counts as warm-up since it always left my lungs breathless and my legs aching.

  1. The freedom and Independence of living away from home:

A very important aspect of coming to university was opening myself to new experiences, people and responsibility. There is nothing which has shaped and changed me, as much as living away from home. To be in charge of my own life, finding out how I like things to be, cooking for myself, keeping our house habitable, all the while trying to stay on top of all my university work really helped me develop myself and build me up. I feel as if I’m almost ready to be an adult now. Almost.