1. Online Freshers Fair
It’s inevitable Freshers Fair has to be moved online due the pandemic. With the accessibility of social media platforms, engage with other students on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find support in the big Exeter community. There would be online events, such as live Q&A, Instagram takeovers and society socials! As a committee member of Body Society, I would also be participating in the online cocktail and cooking class socials.

2. Physical events
Even Freshers week is moved online, the Guild has actually approved of some physical events hosted by certain societies. I highly recommend you joining the physical events if you could get a ticket because they would be exclusively for you to get a taste of what the societies are like (despite the barriers amidst the pandemic) and allow you to meet new friends from taster events.


3. Read through the society descriptions
Before you even wander around in deciding which societies you should go to and sign up for, read through their description on the Guild’s website. If you like sports, read through the descriptions on both the Guild’s website and the sport park’s website.

There are usually a list of past events that societies hosted and that might give you a better idea whether the society is right for you.


4. Open your door!
Friendships usually stem from conversations! Back when I moved into my accommodation, I learnt that students would open their doors and whoever passes by could stop by and have a chat to introduce themselves. Talk to people, and ask them about their degree and perhaps tell your neighbours your hobbies. By the end of the day, you would already have met at least 4-5 people with similar interests. They could even become your best friends at the University!


5. Prepare for contactless payment
The University has suggested to rule out cash payments due to the pandemic. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your contactless card with you to pay for any food, drinks and miscellaneous (textbooks, stationery, socials and society memberships). Surely you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun!