Speak to anyone who lives in Exeter, and they will readily give you their own personal rundown of some of the best things to do or places to eat – the list is endless! – but here I will recommend some of the most popular (but by no means overrated) hotspots in and around the town for you to add to your social itinerary! Many of these things are happening all year round so don’t be thrown by the title, if you’re coming to Exeter in September you will still be able to enjoy great days out with friends – you may just have to wrap up warmer for some…

Best Coffee and Cake

The Exploding Bakery on Queen Street offers a mouth-watering selection of cakes and desserts that will end up tempting you every day after your first visit! They are so good at what they do they actually supply a lot of other cafes with baked goods.

Best No-Car Adventure Day

Kayak to the Double Locks Pub, or just around the Quay if you fancy a shorter stint. Kayakhub Exeter or Saddles and Paddles are good options – they even offer bikes, canoes, and paddle boards if kayaking isn’t your thing.

Catch the Train to Exmouth Beach and enjoy your classic fish’n’chips by the sea! This is a popular trip, so on sunny days expect it to be a bit busy, but the train fare is cheap, and it can be a really enjoyable day out if you want to take a break from your studies and go a bit further afield.

Best Pizza

The Old Firehouse offers enormous square pizzas, occasional pub quizzes and just an all-round wholesome vibe.

On the Waterfront pizzas are also incredible – they will fill you up so well that the walk back from the Quay will definitely be a slower one than it was to get there!

Best Adventure Day with Car

Have a BBQ on Budleigh Beach, or any other beach nearby that tickles your fancy (of which there are many!) You can’t go wrong.

Best Drinks

The Terrace Rooftop Bar is one of many great places in Exeter to get drinks. If you go with a group, it’s always fun to split the cost of a Cocktail Tree!

This is a very simple list to get you started – part of the fun of moving to a new area is making your own discoveries and creating your own collection of favourite things to do or places to be. Happy hunting!