There’s no denying that it is daunting and slightly uncomfortable moving in with strangers whom you have never met before, and suddenly you are sharing huge amounts of time and space with them.

However, it is also a super exciting opportunity to make new friendships, find your independence and get yourself into adult life!

Here are a few points that, from my experience, made the transition enjoyable and smooth:

1. Introduce yourself – go in with confidence and interact with your housemates to break the ice and find commonalities between you!
2. Try to be tidy – although it is hard to motivate yourself to clean, making sure the shared area is presentable and a pleasant space for everyone to be in is really respectful.
3. If there are any issues, address them quickly – there are undoubtedly going to be differences between housemates but talking things out early on makes sure things aren’t a bigger issue than they need to be.
4. Spend time together – even just an evening out at the pub every once in a while, will make for a positive atmosphere in the house
5. Finally, remember everyone is in the same boat – it is normal for you to feel at a loss sometimes in a flat with unfamiliar people; don’t be afraid to be honest with someone you trust about this as talking is so important!

I hope this helps to make your transition a little bit smoother.