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    Future Events

    In 2024 we are hoping to be able to run some events in a hybrid format to enable both virtual participants to attend from a range of locations as well as to allow members to begin to interact in person. We hope to follow the rough pattern: in each 4 month period we will aim to have one event hybrid with the in-person aspect at the University, one event hybrid at the Met Office, and at least one event online only. Hopefully this will allow everyone to engage with our events on a regular basis. All of our meetings are advertised on our website at least a couple of months in advance to help with calendar planning and enable people to have the best chance of being able to attend. 

    Recently we have had a number of people reach out asking if we will be recording an upcoming session. We do not record any of our events. Our motivation for not recording our events is that we want to create an open forum for discussion without compromising how we express ourselves for fear of a recording being publicly available. However, the main points from a meeting are normally written up in a blog style article which you can access on our ‘Past Events’ page.

    For each WiC event, we send out an email a week before with the Teams link so you can join in the discussion. If you would like to sign-up to our mailing list please contact one of our organisers (see here for list of organisers).

    Tuesday 13th August

    Theme: Discussion on the Gender Pay Gap

    Time: 13:00-14:00

    Where: Online via Teams (Laver 825 for University of Exeter people who’d like to join in person)

    The Women in Climate network is excited to invite you to a discussion on the ‘Gender Pay Gap’. While the gender pay gap has been slowly declining over time, significant disparities in pay between men and women still exist with women earning an average of 91p for every £1 a man earns (according to official government data).

    This event aims to provide a platform for discussing the challenges and potential solutions related to pay equity. We will cover the following points:
    • Current state of the gender pay gap
    • Contributing factors to pay disparities
    • Strategies and best practices for achieving pay equity
    • Open discussion and Q&A
    We have booked room 825 in the Laver Building for those based at the University of Exeter who would like to attend the discussion in person. We look forward to seeing you soon!

    Thursday 19th September

    Theme: Career Coaching workshop by Dr Hannah Roberts

    Time: 13:00-14:00

    Where: Online via Teams (option to listen in person at the University of Exeter)

    Link to Dr Hannah Roberts’s workshops.

    Thursday 10th October

    Theme: WiC in person relaunch.

    Time: 16:00-17:30

    Where: Laver common room, University of Exeter

    We would be delighted to see you for our relaunch of in-person events. So often now we join network events online as it fits better with our busy lifestyles, because we are not on campus or because we don’t like in-person events much. But one of the core benefits to Women in Climate is the in-person discussion, meeting other members and making connections with people. Which is why we are hosting an in-person relaunch of Women in Climate with wine, beer, non-alcoholic options and some snacks. Please join us!