Current undergraduate student, Fabian Karssens, shares his experience of living in Lafrowda during his first year.

The prospect of living away from home when moving to university can be an unnerving concept. The variety of options for accommodation also means making the important decision of where to live more tough. When I applied, Lafrowda was my top choice for accommodation, and this was largely owing to the fact it was so close to University facilities and its exceptional value for money. 

Ideal Location

From the moment I stepped foot into Lafrowda, it immediately felt like home. Its prime location offers access to all parts of the Streatham Campus, making it the ideal base for both academic studies and extracurricular adventures. Whether it’s rushing to lectures or exploring the variety of campus facilities, everything is just a short walk away. It is also within close proximity to town, making food shopping and leisurely activities easier. 

Great For Socialising

Lafrowda Kitchen

The most important aspect of living at Lafrowda for me was the social side of living in a flat with 11 other people. Although it may seem like a lot of people to live with, everyone is in the same boat, which I feel makes University a more collective and comforting experience. The interaction between flats in the block also provides a greater opportunity to meet ‘your people’ and, in my case, my future housemates to live with for the second year of university. Whether it’s sharing laughs over late-night chats or bonding over shared interests, Lafrowda has provided me with a greater sense of belonging. 

The Residence Life Team runs special events, especially targeted at helping you feel more comfortable when moving into your accommodation. These events can help you meet new friends, as well as others living in Lafrowda. I highly recommend participating in these ResLife socials as living on your own can become a lonely experience and they are there to ensure that this doesn’t happen.  

Nearby Outlets

Another benefit of living at Lafrowda is that iSCA Eats and Market Place Cornwall House are right on your doorstep. iSCA Eats provides the perfect space for study, as well as a great place to grab some food. They have screens with sports being broadcast which provides a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and a place to sit back and enjoy some entertainment. Market Place is great if you need to buy some essentials as well as treat yourself to a variety of snacks or drinks, with only a short walk back to your flat.  

Overall, Lafrowda has provided me with invaluable memories as well as the perfect place to access the Streatham Campus. I recommend it as the mix of community, convenience, and comfort makes it the perfect place to call home. It is owing to Lafrowda that living at university in my first year has been so smooth and thoroughly enjoyable.