This view on living in the St David’s area of Exeter comes from current student and Community Engagement Officer, Katie.

I’m currently living in the St David’s Ward, just off Queen Street, for the second year running. My experience living in this area has been positive and I enjoy the convenience of being a short walk to the city centre and University campuses.

The Mill on the Exeter pub in Exeter
The Mill on the Exe pub in the St David’s area of Exeter

Average walking distance to key places:

  • Exeter High Street – 5 minutes
  • Streatham Campus – 15 minutes
  • St Luke’s Campus – 25 minutes

In addition, there are plenty of nearby bus stops, as well as Exeter Central Station and St David’s Station, making public transport routes more readily accessible.  

In the area, there are a range of large student houses (with up to 11 bedrooms) as well as smaller student flats that sleep one or two. The average price of rent can range, however, it is important to factor in that being situated nearer to the city centre may drive the price of rent up a little.  

I have found the area isn’t as ‘student-y’ as other wards. Although this can come with advantages, such as being generally quieter, it is important to be respectful of your neighbours. From my experience, it is important to introduce yourself to your neighbours and open a line of communication which helps dissolve any tensions!  

Street in St David's
A residential street in St David’s

Although it is a short walk to most necessities, if you were planning to bring a car to university, parking may be a bit of a challenge! Cars are often tightly packed along the streets, and it can be quite difficult to find space, especially in the evening. However, there are car parks in the ward that are free overnight. You need to also consider that residential areas of Exeter have residents only parking where a permit is required, and only 2 permits are allowed per house, so depending on who you are living with, this may not be an option.

For me, the main attraction is the proximity to the city centre, including supermarkets, the city library, cafés and shops. If you are looking for a nearby gym, there are few options, including Pure Gym and the new St. Sidwell’s Point. The quay is also a short walk away; a nice place to spend the weekend at, especially during summer months.