Current student, Lewis, shares why he chose to live in on-campus accommodation, Holland Hall.

Hello there! I am Lewis and I am a third-year BA Film and Television studies student. I have spent all my three years living in Holland Hall and it met my personal preferences as I wanted a catered accommodation that was close to the centre of campus. To clarify the whole three years thing, I have been able to stay in the same accommodation for more than one year on medical grounds. Another positive about Holland Hall is that the views from my room are stunning.  

Why did I choose Catered over self-catered?     

Two plates of food from Holland Hall. Lasagne with green beans and cucumber, and a orange curry with extra cauliflower, mushrooms and white rice

One of the biggest reasons for picking catered over self-catered is convenience. I found it quite appealing to have all my food sorted for me when I was busy with studying or work. The only meal I had to sort myself was lunch. The menus I also found appealing as I liked the choice on offer. They offer two meat mains and two vegetarian/vegan mains a night so they cater to a range of diets. Although, I am not a fussy eater so most nights I was satisfied with the choice. Also, you have a mini fridge in all the catered accommodation rooms. 

Residence Life events and support 

Even though this isn’t something exclusive to Holland Hall, I thought I would highlight Residence Life as I think it is an important service to the students. I have attended a number of Residence Life events and have been on a couple of trips such as to Salisbury and Bristol. I found it to be a good way of interacting with fellow residents and all the Residence Life staff are quite helpful. My favourite event was the Salisbury and Stonehenge trip. I had never been to Salisbury before so I thought it would be a good way to visit a new city for a cheaper price; Residence Life trips are subsidized which is helpful. 

Would I recommend Holland Hall? 

If you’re looking for accommodation that meets the same preferences as me, which is a catered accommodation that is only a few minutes from the centre of campus and an en-suite room, then I would recommend Holland Hall.