Are you joining the University of Exeter in September 2024 for one semester as a study abroad and exchange student? Applications for accommodation are open now! To give you an idea of the process, here’s a blog from Semester Two student, Ken.

Hi all, I am a second-semester exchange student at the University of Exeter and I currently live in James Owen Court, a self-catered student accommodation. This is how I chose my accommodation:

Finding Accommodation

I started researching accommodation in Exeter once my home university referred me to the University of Exeter. At first, I browsed the official accommodation website of the university and I found out that for second-semester exchange students in 2024, only James Owen Court was available.

I tried to find out if there were alternatives. Another option is living in the private sector. I searched for accommodation from a website called Studentpad and some advertisements on Google. There are two types of private accommodation: The first one is purpose-built student accommodation (PBSAs), which is like university accommodation but it is run by a private company. The rooms they provide can be bigger and nicer, also with more facilities, but they are much more expensive. The second one is to share a house with other students or local people. This option can be cheaper and it is great if you don’t like the university one. But why did I choose to live in James Owen Court?

Factors For Choosing My Accommodation

The first factor to consider for me was money. The price of living in James Owen Court is reasonable. It cost me around £3800 in total, which was cheaper compared to other student accommodation.

Secondly, the location matters a lot. James Owen Court is located in the city centre, next to the Odeon cinema and Tesco. As it is a self-catered accommodation, I have to buy groceries often. Luckily, with a few minutes’ walk, I can reach Tesco, Iceland, and Sainsbury’s. It is not so far from the main campus either. I study on the Streatham campus and it takes me around 20 minutes to arrive there. It’s good to have some exercise every day.

Applying For Accommodation

It is easy to apply for student accommodation. Just follow the instructions given on the university website. I created an account for applying for student accommodation which simply provides personal information and preference. With a few buttons clicked, I have already applied.

A tip for you when applying for student accommodation provided by the university is remember to mark down the opening date for applications and apply as soon as possible. As places are limited and applications are dealt with in order of receipt, you may not get what you want. Some of my friends applied late and were offered other accommodations elsewhere. So, make sure to apply ASAP!

For more information, please see our Study Abroad and Exchange Student webpage.