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UK Parliament. Health and Social Care Committee report 2021: ‘Workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS and social care‘. Care Under Pressure submitted written evidence (WBR0082) – PDF Available here.

Care Under Pressure: What can we do to improve the mental health of doctors? Policy Workshop, Friends House, London, April 2019

Online articles, blogs & podcasts

Melvin A.(2023)How can we make life better for doctors in postgraduate training?BMJ  Careers

‘Wellbeing in Medical Education’ TASME Time Talks in Medical Education
Dr Clementine Wyke, a psychiatry trainee in South London and Dr Anna Melvin, a post-doctoral researcher based at the University of Exeter talk about all things wellbeing in UG and PG Medical Education (2022). Listen to podcast here.

Carrieri D. (2019). “Care Under Pressure”: How can we achieve wellbeing at work for doctors? BMJ Opinion

Carrieri D, Foxall P, Jackson M, Mattick K, Dieppe P. Why are so many doctors leaving the profession: is the answer one, seven or forty-two? BMJ Rapid Response (2015)