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While we are very supportive of our alumni, we need to emphasise that the views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily representative of the University of Exeter and the guest’s views are their own.

In this episode, we’re joined by one of our alumni, Lizzie Daly. Lizzie is a wildlife presenter, filmmaker, and researcher whose work regularly focuses on human-wildlife conflict. In this instance, Lizzie was inspired to take action after reading about seals being shot in Scotland in order to protect fish stocks.


After months of research and frequent trips to Scotland, Lizzie released a film addressing the issue titled: ‘Silent Slaughter – The Shooting of Scotland’s Seals’. You can watch this below. The film was entirely self-funded and free to watch.



Silent Slaughter – The Shooting of Scotland’s Seals

“I’d like to see more conservation stories told in the reality of what they are”  

About our guest: Lizzie Daly

Lizzie filming an elephant translocation in Kenya.

Lizzie only graduated from our Penryn Campus in 2016, but has already achieved an awful lot as a wildlife presenter, filmmaker and researcher. Starting out as a wildlife expert on CBeebies, Lizzie is now a presenter for BBC Earth Unplugged and has featured on the BBC2 wildlife quiz show, Curious Creatures. After completing an MSc at Bristol University, Lizzie also spent two months in Kenya documenting human-elephant conflict management whilst producing, directing and presenting a video series that you can watch on her Youtube channel. In addition to this she has also become an Ocean Ambassador for the Marine Conservation Society, an ambassador for the Jane Goodall Institute UK, she’s the Female Ambassador for Fjällräven and an Academic Teaching and Outreach Fellow at Swansea University.



Topics discussed

The role and importance of aquaculture in Scotland and attitudes of local people.

The pros and cons of alternative seal deterrents including:

  • Acoustic deterrent devices (ADDs).
  • Econets.
  • Double nets.

Seal shooting licences.

Salmon farming industry attitudes towards both seals and activism.

The challenges of filming controversial topics.

Telling important stories online/social media.

Ending on a positive note – What has happened since the release of Silent Slaughter?


Lizzie’s Website

Lizzie’s Youtube channel

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Lizzie’s Twitter

Bonus! Watch Lizzie presenting back in her student days (with our host, Ethan Wrigglesworth)

Hosted by Ethan Wrigglesworth

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