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In this episode we speak to Tom Horton, a current PhD student at the University of Exeter and Project Officer for ThunnusUK. Tom and Ethan discuss all things ThunnusUK and Atlantic bluefin tuna.

ThunnusUK (named after the Atlantic bluefin tuna’s latin name, Thunnus thynnus), is a collaborative study between the Univeristy of Exeter and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas). The aim is to provide a baseline understanding of ecology and global distribution of Atlantic bluefin tuna that can be found in the waters around southwest England.

You can find out more about ThunnusUK here.


Atlantic bluefin tuna have historically weighed up to 900kg and measured nearly 4m.


About our guest: Tom Horton

Tom has built up an impressive career portfolio, after graduating from a Marine Biology (MSci) at the University of Southampton he became a research assistant at the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Following this he moved to Cornwall to become the Volunteer Seaquest Southwest Co-ordinator for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and then progressed on to work for Marine Discovery Penzance as a researcher and guide. He is now undertaking a PhD with the University of Exeter, Cefas, and Stanford University focusing the spatial ecology of marine vertebrates that are of conservation concern, Atlantic bluefin tuna being a prime example.


Tom (right), pictured out on fieldwork.



Topics discussed

A selection of the tags used in the research
  • What is Thunnus UK?
  • How long has Thunnus UK been around?
  • Atlantic bluefin tuna in UK waters, why do they come here?
  • How do you tag and track a bluefin tuna?
  • How do tuna tags work?
  • Tagging animals safely and responsibly
  • How have fishers responded to the project?
  • Where do Atlantic bluefin tuna travel to when they leave UK waters?





Thunnus UK website

Have you spotted a Bluefin Tuna? You Can report your sighting here 

Tom Horton on Twitter

Thunnus on Twitter



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