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Details of the 2024 Hamlyn Lectures announced

Posted by The Law School

5 January 2024

The 2024 Hamlyn lectures will be delivered by Professor Richard Moorhead, Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at the University of Exeter.

Three lectures will be presented under the topic ‘Frail Professionalism: Why ethical failure is polluting justice’ at three different venues.

  • Lecture 1: ‘Rule of law or rule of lucre? Culture, philosophy, and lawyers’ ethical failure’
    • 30 October 2024, University of Exeter
  • Lecture 2: ‘Legality Illusions: How lawyer and commercial logics pollute institutions’
    • 6 November 2024, University of Leeds
  • Lecture 3: ‘How professionalism can save itself: a lucid morality for law and professional ethics?’
    • 13 November 2024, UCL

Richard says it’s an incredible honour to be invited to present these lectures. He explained more about the theme for the lectures:

2023 ended with a raft of ethics lawyers ethics problems in high profile matters: the Post Office (with more to come this year), Michelle Mone’s libel threateners, and Harry v MGN to name but three. The lectures will look at but also beyond the Post Office Scandal to show how the problems there are not one offs but symptomatic of a system that too often loses its way and fails to take account of the human frailties that dog all of us and the institutions we work within.

The four previous lecturers have been Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Professor Catherine O’Regan, Lord Pannick KC and Eleanor Sharpston KC. You can see more about their lectures on our Law website here.

For more information on Professor Moorhead’s research you can view his profile here, and follow his latest writing on the Post Office Scandal here.

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