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Political Crime under Fascism: Law, Theory, Practice

Posted by The Law School

5 February 2024

On 13th December 2023 Stephen Skinner participated in a one-day workshop on ‘Trials, Justice and History: Research from Italy and Beyond’, which took place at the University of Bristol.

The workshop brought together a group of scholars from the UK, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and Canada, working on the role of trials in understanding justice and the legal system in historical context, including how trials make or change history, reveal emotions or provide insights into social and political attitudes. Stephen’s paper, ‘Political Crime under Fascism: Law, Theory, Practice’ was part of a panel on ‘Fascism, the Post-War and Culture’ and focused on the status, interpretation and content of judgments by the Fascist Special Tribunal for the Defence of the State on communist associations and propaganda in the 1920s-30s.

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