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Bucket, spade and legal advice

Posted by The Law School

11 June 2024

Exeter Law students have been working with local solicitors to provide beachgoers with free legal advice. For two days the University’s Community Law Clinic has moved out of the city and on to the sands of Exmouth and Teignmouth.

The Law School recognises the challenges people face in accessing professional advice for a legal problem. By taking its advice clinic to the beach they aim to reach more people and provide them with guidance to move forward and resolve their issues.

Professor Sue Prince who organised the event explained that it was based on a successful Australian idea. The project has been supported by leading law firms including Trowers and Hamlins, Scott Richards Solicitors and the Teignbridge Citizens Advice Bureau.

“We hope Law on the Beach will empower individuals facing legal challenges, intensified by the current economic climate, and provide a lifeline to those navigating complex legal issues without adequate support.”

Kim McDonald, Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Community Law Clinic

The students gain many professional skills by working with real casework examples and benefit from the guidance of experienced solicitors. Alongside this they develop their interpersonal skills:

Interacting with a real person taught me personally so much because you can relate to that person and try to understand their problem. You have more of a drive to help them, so I feel you will dive into every single aspect of the law and look much deeper. It’s a lot more rewarding and fulfilling knowing that you are helping people.

Alivia, LLB Student

This opportunity is incredible because most people can’t afford advice and a lot of legal services are inaccessible because they are so far from people, especially here in the south west of England which is often called a ‘legal advice desert’.

Alex, LLB Student

The University of Exeter Access to Justice clinic is run in Exeter during term time.

For more information or to arrange an appointment email a2jclinic@exeter.ac.uk or go to https://law.exeter.ac.uk/community/communitylawclinic/.

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