Optimising Prescribing


Piloting the prescribing feedback intervention (Parker et al. 2019)

In a recent collaborative project, Karen Mattick, professor of medical education from the University of Exeter, led a team from the RD&E Hospital consisting of a clinical pharmacist, antimicrobial pharmacist, clinical pharmacy manager and a consultant surgeon to see if there was a way of supporting junior doctors to improve their prescribing capabilities. This video outlines the pilot that took place and shares the procedures and outcomes.

Reflecting on factors influencing prescribing decisions

This is an animation video, produced for use within teaching sessions (such as junior doctor inductions), which synthesises the findings of the IMPACT review (Papoutsi et al. 2017 & 18). You might need to log in to Vimeo to watch it.

Costs and benefits of prescribing education interventions

In this video, Helen Foster-Collins discusses the costs and benefits of prescribing education interventions, for one of the Optimising Prescribing Feedback Conversations Workshop (2020).