Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure
  • Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure


    REACH-HF Core Training

    Healthcare professionals interested in delivering REACH-HF must attend a two-day remotely-delivered core training course.

    What is REACH-HF?

    A comprehensive 12 week home-based, health professional-facilitated cardiac rehabilitation programme for patients with heart failure.

    More about REACH-HF

    What does the training involve?

    Training and procurement of the REACH-HF programme is led by clinicians in the Heart Manual Department (NHS Lothian).

    Topics covered in training will enable you to confidently facilitate the programme and includes:

    More about the training:

    How do I become a REACH-HF facilitator?

    Healthcare professionals must attendĀ a two-day remotely-delivered coreĀ training course. This core training will enable you to choose your mode of REACH-HF delivery:- paper-based or digital or indeed a bit of both!

    Training 2023 – September and November

    The REACH-HF Service Delivery Guide has further information:

    The Wirral Community Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Beacon site staff are happy to speak to interested cardiac rehab teams on their experience of the ā€˜real-lifeā€™ rollout of REACH-HF. For more details please see:

    If you are interested in participating in REACH-HF training, please contact: or Tel: 0131 537 9127

    How much does it cost?

    The costs of REACH-HF facilitator training are:

    Digital REACH-HF

    Funding from the British Heart Foundation has helped us adapt and develop a digital/internet-based version of REACH-HF (D REACH-HF). In collaboration with Health and Care Innovations (HCI) we are piloting this in Early Adopter Sites and hoping this will be available for wider roll-out in 2024 (post Early Adopter Site evaluation).

    Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic we were only able to test the feasibility and acceptability of D REACH-HF in a limited number of participants.

    In 2023-24, we intend to get further feedback of the D REACH-HF platform from 6 or 7 Early Adopter Sites (Guys Hospital, Provide Essex, Frimley, Southern Trust (N Ireland), Southampton Hospital, St Thomasā€™, and Brompton/Harefield Hospital) who have agreed to participate in a pilot evaluation before we consider a wider roll out across the NHS. Offering patients with HF a digital option of receiving cardiac rehabilitation in addition to the traditional centre-based modes of delivery will give patients more choice and should help to improve the very low uptake of cardiac rehab in heart failure.

    Please contact if you are interested in top-up training for D REACH-HF.