Support Guide

Fertility, relationships and intimacy: A guide to offering support to an adult with a variation in sex characteristics

This guide has been written for the families, partners and friends of adults with variations in sex characteristics (VSCs), diverse sex development (DSD), a sex chromosome condition, or intersex traits. We offer some ideas on how to support someone with a VSC who is dealing with fertility challenges, and provide some suggestions for finding groups and communities.

Front cover of the Fertility, relationships and intimacy support guide. An image of lots of different people in an open space. Some are speaking to each other, helping each other, embracing.
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The support guide can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf (here) or as an interactive flipbook (here). There is also now a version available in Polish here, courtesy of Fundacja Interakcja. If you require a version in a different accessible format, please get in touch.

This guide was collated and co-edited by Anis Akhtar, Paul Dutton, Sara Gillingham, Charlotte Jones, Rachel Purtell, Magda Rakita, Tabitha Taya, Kaz Williams and Alex Woodward. The design and illustrations are by Elly Jahnz.