Exeter RSC 2024
  • Exeter RSC 2024

    47th Research Students Conference in Probability & Statistics


    If you are interested in being an official sponsor of RSC 2024, please get in touch via our email: rsc2024@exeter.ac.uk.


    MAGIC (Mathematics Access Grid Instruction and Collaboration) is a consortium of twenty two of the UK’s top research Universities that share live and recorded videos, and assessment, of a wide range of postgraduate-level Mathematics courses. MAGIC provides a mixture of live streamed and recorded lectures with assessments, allowing students to interact with course lecturers as well as to study in their own time. Students are able to interact in real time with the lecturers by asking questions and joining discussions. So far hundreds of advanced mathematics students have benefited from MAGIC courses.

    The London Mathematical Society

    The London Mathematical Society (LMS) is the UK’s learned society for mathematics. Its purpose is the advancement, dissemination and promotion of mathematical knowledge, both nationally and internationally. The LMS offers workshops and training opportunities aimed at young mathematicians, sponsors and organises scientific meetings and coordinates an annual lecture series specifically aimed at the wider public. The society represents mathematics research and education to government and other national policymakers and sponsors.

    Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

    The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research is a national centre supporting research across a range of areas of mathematics in the UK. The Institute is run as a partnership between the UK Government Communications Headquarters and the UK academic mathematics community. The Institute supports mathematics in the UK through Research Fellowships and sabbatical opportunities for mathematicians and data scientists, and through a range of conferences, workshops and focused research activities.


    The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) is the main funding body for engineering and physical sciences research in the UK. EPSRC’s diverse portfolio ranges from digital technologies to clean energy, manufacturing to mathematics, advanced materials to chemistry. EPSRC invests in world-leading research and skills to advance knowledge and deliver a sustainable, resilient and prosperous UK. They support new ideas and transformative technologies which are the foundations of innovations that improve our economy, environment and society. In partnership and co-investing with industry, we work to deliver both national and global priorities.