Exeter RSC 2024
  • Exeter RSC 2024

    47th Research Students Conference in Probability & Statistics

    Keynote Speakers

    Dr Michael Dunne-Willows

    Dr Michael Dunne-Willows received his Ph.D. in Clinical Statistics from Newcastle University where he developed novel techniques for monitoring Parkinson’s Disease through wearable sensors. Michael has presented his research internationally from Tel Aviv to Honolulu.

    After leaving academia Michael joined the Civil Service and held statistical roles firstly with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and later with His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) where he played a pivotal role in using statistical analysis to shape evidence-based policies. Michael is currently Principal Statistical Methodologist at the Office for National Statistics (ONS) leading innovative efforts in statistical methodologies for national surveys.

    An ambassador for the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) since 2016 he regularly collaborates with journalists, participating in television interviews and providing statistical commentary to translate complex statistical concepts into accessible narratives. He is also currently in collaboration with a large educational academy providing Mathematics and Physics tuition to talented students from areas of high deprivation.

    His hobbies include astrophotography, origami, and coastal walks.

    Dr Victoria Volodina

    Dr Victoria Volodina obtained her PhD in Statistics from University of Exeter where she worked on methods in uncertainty quantification for analysis of complex computer models of physical systems.

    After completing her PhD, Victoria joined the Alan Turing Institute to work on “Managing Uncertainty in Government Modelling” (MUGM) project, where she was interested in developing approaches to study and account for uncertainty in models used to inform decision making in public policy. Prior to her appointment in Exeter, Victoria also worked as a research fellow in computational statistics in CHIMERA (UCL), mathematics and healthcare hub, analysing changes in clinical variables monitored in critically ill patients.

    In her free time, Victoria enjoys yoga, art and scrolling through her Instagram and searching for cute cat videos and memes.

    Dr Trevelyan (TJ) McKinley

    Dr Trevelyan (TJ) McKinley obtained his PhD from the University of Exeter where he developed Bayesian inference methods for modelling foot-and-mouth disease. He then worked at the University of Cambridge as part of the Cambridge Infectious Diseases Consortium, where he developed Bayesian methodology for inference and prediction in complex infectious disease systems, working on a range of diseases such as bovine tuberculosis, ebola and HIV. He also helped to develop various postgraduate courses around these methods, funded by both the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His experience lead to him being part of the JUNIPER Modelling Consortium during the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

    After leaving Cambridge he rejoined the University of Exeter, first as a Lecturer in Mathematics, before more recently becoming an Associate Professor in the Medical School.

    During his free time, he tries (mostly unsuccessfully it must be said), to get better at Magic: the Gathering.

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