When you see all those beautiful pictures of nice beaches, turquoise water, massive rocks and sunny weather, you always imagine it’s somewhere far away in a tropical country, but here is an example of what you can see right next to you while studying at the University of Exeter in Cornwall. Incredible, right?! A year and a half ago, I would not believe that I would be able to see this in England.

Lizard point

Usually, I have one day off during a week, so this is when we went on a little adventure with my friends to have a nice day out and visit the Lizard Point. It is easy to get there by car as it takes only 40-60 minutes, but you can get there by taking a bus from the Moor (Falmouth) as well.

Good weather was another reason why we decided to explore the most southerly point in England.After an hour of driving, we finally found our main destination.

When we saw the view, I could not believe my eyes. We started running towards the light blue water as we wanted to see it more closely and take more and more pictures. The place was not overcrowded, possibly because it was the middle of winter, but at the same time the local cafe was quite full. The first thing we noticed was the people cliff-jumping, and then a group of men who were exploring the rocks in the water. The best thing to do at the Lizard point, in my opinion, is to walk around, climb a cliff to get a better view and just sit down with the music, enjoy the sun, the view and appreciate everything around you.

We got very lucky with the weather that day, as we all know what the weather in England can be like… When we finished enjoying the view, and when we had taken enough pictures (about 1000), some of us decided to get coffee and some wanted to have a lunch, so we went to the local cafe which had another amazing view, cute wooden tables to sit outside and great food which have made our trip even better.

I will definitely visit again, hopefully in the Spring, and I would really want to go cliff-jumping, as it looked like a lot of fun. I did not see any shops where you could rent a wetsuit, so I assume you have to bring one; I will be prepared next time 😉

There are so many other places I have already visited and still would like to go to in Cornwall, but this one was definitely my favourite so far. Next time I am planning on going to Land’s End! Just need to wait for another good sunny day! 🙂