I know that deciding what university to attend is an incredibly important and difficult decision – I’ve done it. That’s why I’m here to tell you some of the reason why I chose the University of Exeter.


I am going to be honest and say that originally, being from Norway, I had never heard of Exeter. Of course, any British person would be familiar with Exeter, but the city is not wildly known outside of the UK. While it took a little time to get past the idea of living in a well-known city, it ultimately wasn’t important. After doing a lot of thorough research I realised that Exeter might not be the most famous, but it seemed to be the best fit for me.


Firstly, I was drawn to its high academic standard, being ranked amongst the best universities worldwide and winning awards for teaching excellence. It also scored particularly well in the field of Psychology, which is what I’m studying. Additionally, I liked the course structure and module options that were available. Looking into this might be my number one tip when it comes to picking the not just the right uni, but the right course, as it dictates whether you like the process of getting your degree. Another huge factor in why I chose Exeter was that the tuition fees for international students were a bit lower than they were for the other universities that I applied for. This one probably explains itself – money is always important! Living and shopping prices are also lower in Exeter, compared to some other big cities.



One big positive that anyone living or studying in Exeter will tell you is the environment. The actual physical surroundings and the feel of the atmosphere are greatly important when you’re going to spend a long time in a place. The campus is well known for its stunning nature –  something that I very much enjoy. The city, much like the rest of Devon, lends itself to beautiful locations. I also enjoyed that the university, as well as the city, was not too big and noisy. Instead, while still being reasonably sized, they seemed a bit more relaxed and very safe. Adding to this, I distinctly remember seeing a photo of the Exeter Pride parade while looking at Google images of the city and thinking that I would feel right at home.



While I believe that you are likely to find great friends and make countless memories at any university you might end up going to, I hope that my reasons for choosing the University of Exeter have helped anyone in the process of making their own choice.