Even though I am somewhat of an early bird, I still have my mornings and days when I truly don’t want to get out of bed, much less get out of bed just to go to the kitchen to make myself some breakfast. However, even when I’m tired or just not feeling it, skipping breakfast is a no-go for me. Breakfast is an essential part of my morning routine and having a good one helps me feel like I’m off to the right start.

To this end I love finding the balance between something easy and quick, while also being wholesome. Thankfully this is not hard to achieve. It just requires a bit of preparation, but nothing too extreme, I promise. So here are my five to go breakfasts for when I rather spend some extra time in my bed.

  1. French Toast

Forever, forever a favorite of mine. All you have to do is mix one egg with a bit of milk and cinnamon, soak each side of two slices of bread, and let it toast on a pan. After the first side is done, you flip the bread and let the other side cook. While the bread is doing this, you can cut up some strawberries or if you truly don’t want to do more than the necessary, once the toasts are done add some blueberries and you’re good to go.

  1. Avocado Toast

Basic as it might be, it will never fail you. Smash ¼ of an Avocado, with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Spread it on top of a recently toasted slice of bread, and you’re good to go. If, however, you feel like this isn’t enough – which is completely fair– you can fry an egg, while you smash your avocado. You can boil an egg or scramble it, but since the point of this is not to spend a lot of time cooking then frying it is the best wat to go, since it’s less time-consuming.

  1. Banana Toast

I just love the simplicity of this one. Yet, when I bite into it, the combination of temperatures and textures makes me smile. Basically, all you do is heat up some slices of bread, and while your toaster is doing its thing you cut half a banana into slices. Then once the bread is done you spread peanut butter with a bit of honey –add chia seeds if you want­– and then you add the banana. It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s delicious. I love to have this with some chai, and this is a bullet proof way for me to start my day with the right energy.

  1. Smoothies

I have been devoted to my smoothies for the past two years. There even was a time where I would not eat anything else but different smoothies and I would try to make one with a different color for a different day of the week– without using food colorant–. The blue one still evades me. Anyhow, making a smoothie is very simple and you can prepare most of it the night before. The base is (Greek) yogurt, half a banana, milk and if you want peanut butter. On top of that you can add, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries for a pink smoothie; pineapple and mango for a yellow one; kiwi, mango and spinach for a green one; and carrot, mango and orange for an orange one. You put whatever combination with the base in your blender for a couple of minutes and you’re good to go. If you have the time you can add toppings or if not just take it on the go, it’s still going to taste amazing.


  1. Oatmeal

Here is the deal, I know oatmeal is pretty common in this side of the world. You put some boiling water and something like blueberries and essentially you are good to go. However, I believe that this is just not enough. What I like to do, is instead of all of the liquid being water, I like to either go half water half milk, or I make some tea and that is what I use to give it some flavor. My go-to is chai. If I go with the first option, I like to mash a banana and add cinnamon. As toppings I enjoy blueberries, the rest of that banana, and walnuts –just because I like the contrast between the crunchiness of the nuts and the softness of everything else-. As a final step I like a bit of yogurt, again for the contrast between the hot and the cold. And that is it. It won’t take much time in the morning and it is an absolute favourite.