Hey there, it’s Gaby, your go-to campus explorer, back in action! So, last year, I’ve been exactly where you are right now – that classic dilemma: campus accommodation or private housing? Well, let me tell you, I’ve got good news: opting for campus accommodation was hands down the best decision I made! Penryn Campus offers University accommodation for UK and International Undergraduate students (mainly first years) as well as International PG students. This blog talks mainly about Glasney Village (on the Penryn Campus) as that’s where I’m living but there’s also the Sidings which is the other Penryn residence near the train station. Let me break it down for you:  

Application process

As an international student, not being able to check out the accommodation in person during the Open Day was a bit of an inconvenience for me. I had to rely heavily on Google Maps, but that’s not enough, right? Lucky for us, the University accommodation has its own website, and their user interface is top-notch. It’s not only easy on the eyes but also intuitive and accessible, which is a big relief when you’re trying to make such a major decision from afar. Plus, it’s packed with all the info you need, from room layouts to facilities, and they even threw in some video tours! It’s like they knew exactly what we needed! 

Handling everything from the application process to payments through their website was a total lifesaver for me, especially considering the massive time zone difference – I didn’t have to worry about making phone calls at odd hours. Plus, their email response time was very quick. It felt like they were right there, ready to tackle tonnes of questions or concerns I had. And get this: during the application process, they even considered our preferences (although not guaranteed), like whether we wanted a same-gender or mixed-gender flat and a quieter area. Talk about going the extra mile! 

Once you’re done checking out my blog, be sure to swing by the accommodation website. Seriously, you won’t regret it, especially when you haven’t made any decisions! Keep in mind that they’ll start accepting applications around the beginning of April. So, make sure to get your top 3 picks in as early as possible to lock in your preferences. I had a friend who applied pretty late and missed her first choice 🙁 so learn from her experience! 

Online accommodation portal for Glasney Village residents


When it comes to getting to campus, I’ve got to give a shoutout to our University for being super thoughtful. They offer an airport collection service that’s a real game-changer, especially for us international students trekking all the way from Heathrow Airport to the Penryn Campus! But here’s the good thing: I got a spot in Glasney Student Village, right on campus. Talk about a smart move! It’s not just about being close; it’s like they’ve got a team of superheroes helping you move in. The accommodation check-in? They’ve got your back. It’s a total lifesaver, especially when you’re battling jet lag.

Alright, so that’s the “quick” intro to the early process. Now, fast forward about 5 months, and here I am, settled into University accommodation. The burning question you’ve been wanting to ask: did it live up to my expectations? Spoiler alert: Yes, indeed! But hey, don’t just take my word for it; keep reading, and I’ll spill all the details about the sweet deals I scored.  

Enjoying the fresh air at Glasney Village accommodation


First things first: feeling safe. As a student juggling a variety of schedules, having a secure living environment is non-negotiable. This was particularly true when coming back late from a marathon study session or a University event. The assurance of knowing there were security measures like key access, gated entries or 24/7 access to the safety and support team, and surveillance cameras in place. And the cherry on top? Being just a stroll away from campus meant no more nerve-wracking late-night treks through unfamiliar neighbourhoods or hurried bus rides to catch the last services. 

Green neighbourhood 

Having a green and clean neighbourhood is a top priority for me, truly. You know, there are those days when uni workload feels like it’s piling up to the sky, and that’s when I crave a dose of nature’s beauty to ease the stress. You know what’s awesome about Penryn? It’s not just the killer views – although they’re astonishing – it’s also the stunning greenery of our Uni campus that really adds a double dose of beauty every time you step outside! Lately, I’ve been all about the morning walks to kick start my metabolism, and let me tell you, it’s pure magic. There’s something about breathing in that fresh, tree-filtered oxygen that just hits differently!  

Morning walks on campus


Living on campus is a total game-changer because everything you need is right at your doorstep – classes, libraries, cafes, you name it! No more marathon commutes or racing against the clock to make it to that 9am lecture. Plus, when you’ve got those epic gaps between classes and you’re all studied out, guess what? Your cosy room is just a hop, skip, and jump away for a power nap! And let’s talk about food – sometimes you’re just not feeling the cafeteria vibes, right? No worries! Just head back to your flat’s kitchen and create your own culinary masterpiece.  

Having a snack with flatmates

Oh, and let’s not forget the convenience factor beyond campus borders! When it comes to crucial spots like the grocery store and train station, we’ve got that covered too! A mere 15-minute stroll gets you to Penryn train station, ready for your weekend getaways! Need groceries? No problemo! It’s just a 20-minute walk to ASDA, your go-to supermarket for everything affordable. Plus, if you’re in the mood to explore the heart of Penryn town, it’s just a 20-minute walk too.  

But hey, I understand – not everyone’s a fan of scenic walking. No sweat! There’s a campus bus stop that runs every 20-30 minutes. Easy peasy, right? 

Penryn town centre is within easy walking distance from campus

Bedroom and kitchen necessities  

Let me tell you, I’m all about having my own little space where I can decorate it just the way I like it. And guess what? The uni accommodation rooms are like spacious dreamlands, complete with en-suite bathrooms! It’s like having your own private oasis, especially if you opt for a single room. But hold up, shared rooms are cool too. You get to bond with your roommates, who might just become your buddies in no time! 

Spacious en-suite room on campus

Now, let’s talk about essentials. I was low-key stressed about what they had in the accommodation, but they’ve got all the necessities – microwave, toaster, kettle, vacuum cleaner – you name it! It’s like living in a hotel, but better! 

Variety of facilities 

Alright, let’s talk facilities – seriously, it’s like the campus has your back on everything! Need to do your laundry? Yup, we’ve got laundry facilities. Feeling the need to break a sweat? Hit up the gym; it’s right there! Got a bike? We’ve got you covered with external bike storage. Plus a car park for disabled students.

Adulting means doing your own clothes washing!

And let’s not forget about those caffeine needs – Koofi is just around the corner! Hungry for more? Head over to The Stannary for some cafeteria goodness. Oh, and for those last-minute essentials, the campus shop has you sorted! It’s like having your own little city within the campus grounds – convenience level: 💯! 

Nearest cafe on campus – Koofi


Being surrounded by a tight-knit community made every day a beautiful day. Whether I was bumping into flat mates in the communal kitchen and updating eachother on uni life or at a regular party between other flats, there was never a dull moment right outside my door. And let’s not forget about the support services.  

Support team 

Living on campus is like being part of a big, supportive family. There’s always something going on to keep you feeling connected and cared for. From the Student Union hooking you up with free school supplies and cooking essentials (check out their IG: thesufalexe) to the ResLife team (IG: fxreslife) organising stress-busting activities and events, you’ll never feel left alone. Speaking of ResLife, these beautiful souls are all about making campus life warmer. They’ve got Monday crafternoons for getting creative in your free time, a Thursday Glasney cafe where you can hang out with their friendly crew over free snacks and drinks, Friday movie nights, and weekend trips to spice things up. 

So, if you’re still struggling to choose where to live during your university years, let me be the one to give you advice to stay on campus. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Because beyond convenience and safety, friendships forged, and memories made that truly make university-owned accommodation the ultimate home away from home. 🏠❣️