Hiya! It’s your go-to campus explorer from Penryn Campus, Gaby, back with my backpack and a bunch of magical tips to share! Today, I’m about to sprinkle some glitter into your life with some seriously cool ways to spend your free time in Penryn and nearby areas – for absolutely nothing! Yup, you read that right – absolutely free! I’ve got your back, my friends, because, let’s face it, as Uni students, our leisure budget might be a tad tight, but we still need to recharge, right? Anyway, without further ado, let’s dive right into the topic. 

Uncover campus hidden gems 

Into the magical garden

So, you know, when we talk about free time, it’s usually all about hitting up fun spots off-campus, right? We tend to think campus life is just about hitting the books and being serious about our studies. But guess what? Penryn Campus is like a treasure trove waiting to be explored! 

Taking a breather to wander around our campus is totally worth it. Like, have you checked out that awesome café tucked away called ESI Café? And if you’ve taken a stroll around campus and popped over to ASDA, you might have missed some stunning flowers along the way, like those cute snowdrops near Tremough House or those gorgeous pink blooms right in front of it. 

Oh, and speaking of Tremough House, it’s not just a pretty face from the outside; wait until you step in and see how stunning it is. The courtyard gives off major Italian vibes. Plus, nearby, there’s this secret garden that feels straight out of a fairytale – it’s got that magical entrance vibe. And don’t even get me started on the star ponds. But hey, that’s for you to discover! 

Enjoy movie nights and free activities on campus 

Movie time with ResLife

Our Uni is totally on board with taking care of our well-being. They’ve got this awesome student support team called ResLife, and every Friday night at 8pm, they host movie nights. And get this – they even hook you up with free snacks and drinks while you chill and watch the movie. The spots they pick are super cosy and comfy, too. 

But wait, there’s more! The Languages Team is gearing up to celebrate International Languages Day on February 21st at the Stannary Bar. They’re doing karaoke and giving out free pizza and drinks. How cool and fun is that? 

Discover the donkey sanctuary 

Oh hi there

Guess what I stumbled upon recently? It’s this hidden gem not too far from our campus called the Flicka Foundation Donkey Sanctuary. It’s such a cosy place, filled with over 100 adorable donkeys and horses. They’re super adorable and friendly, though they may be a tad shy when you pet them. The views there are absolutely stunning, and the whole place is kept really organised.  

It’s unreal how it’s not more well-known, right? I feel like I hit the jackpot by discovering it! And now, I get to share it with you. Even though it’s free to enter, it’s definitely worth leaving a donation to support the sanctuary. Oh, and keep an eye out on the Uni Instagram because I’ll be sharing some footage there soon. 

Explore the beaches beauty 

Enjoying the breathtaking view

Since we’re lucky enough to be in Cornwall, why not make the most of it by soaking up the beauty of its beaches? I’ve checked out three gorgeous ones in Falmouth: Swanpool Beach, Gyllyngvase Beach, and Castle Beach. Each offers its own picturesque views, and the best part is they’re all within walking distance of each other. And if you’re still buzzing with energy, why not venture a bit further to Pendennis Point? The views from there are absolutely stunning, and you can even explore the castle fort nearby. 

Stroll through town’s park 

Pause for a moment at Kimberley Park

Going back to the town centre, why not take a relaxed stroll through Kimberley Park in Falmouth? It’s a lush green oasis where you can soak up the fresh air and maybe even throw together a picnic. Seriously, this place is amazing – well-kept with wooden playgrounds for the kids and even a tennis table. And the vibe? Totally serene. You’ll love the sound of birds chirping and kids laughing as they play. It’s like a little slice of heaven right in the middle of town. 

Immerse yourself in the art gallery experience  

Art gallery in the centre of Falmouth

If you’re into art galleries, you should totally swing by the local art gallery downtown! It’s just a quick 10-minute stroll from Kimberley Park, in the centre of Falmouth. They’ve got some awesome seasonal exhibitions going on. Last year, I popped in for the “Legend of King Arthur” exhibit, and let me tell you, it was amazing! Not only did I get to admire the beauty of the story through some awesome paintings, but they also had some fun activities set up. I even got to try pulling King Arthur’s sword out of the stone! It was such a cool experience; you’ve gotta check it out! 

Stay tune on local events and festivals 

Keeping an eye out for local events and festivals is a fantastic way to dive into the community spirit without spending a dime. Whether it’s the vibrant Art Festival showcasing local talents or the mouthwatering Falmouth Oyster Festival celebrating the town’s maritime heritage, there’s always something exciting on the horizon. These events aren’t just about having fun and connecting with fellow locals; they also offer a unique insight and experience into the vibrant energy of Cornwall’s local scene. 

Window shopping wonderland 

Explore local shops

Take a stroll through the town’s centre and check out some window shopping. You can explore cool boutiques, vintage shops, and artisan markets without dropping a penny. It’s a super fun way to stumble upon unique stuff and get some inspiration from the local shops. 

Dive into meaningful volunteering 

Last but not least, getting into volunteering isn’t just a way to keep busy for free; it’s also super fulfilling to give back to the community. There are loads of organisations out there looking for volunteers to help with all sorts of projects and events. If you’re into farming and stuff, you should totally check out Loveland’s website for some volunteer gigs. They’re all about making the community thrive, and their volunteers get to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, planting seeds and all that good stuff! 

So, there you have it – tonnes of stuff you can do in Penryn without spending a dime! Say goodbye to budget worries and dive into the adventure! Go out there and enjoy your free time. ✨