Hi, future University of Exeter’s Penryn campus buddy!!! Back again with me, Gaby, your ultimate go-to campus explorer! 😉Just popping in for a quick intro in case you haven’t knew me yet. I’m an international student, taking a Master’s degree right here in Penryn. Believe me, I get those pre-arrival campus hesitant questions – wondering what the city’s like, if there are cool spots to go to, and if it’ll vibe with me (fun fact: I’m from the second most bustling city in my homeland). And well, that’s why I’m here! On this blog, I’m gonna share some awesome day trips from Penryn campus, all reachable by public transport and that won’t drain your wallet! So, have your map and notes ready, and let’s dive in! 


Penddenis Castle Fort

⌛ 20 min (by bus) 

💸 £2.5 (day ticket) 

First things first, look no further than Falmouth! It’s got everything you could ask for – cinemas, supermarkets, cute cafes, a variety of restaurants, and stunning coastal beaches. I’ve mentioned it in one of my blogs before, but I absolutely recommend checking out Swanpool Beach, Gyllyngvase Beach, and Castle Beach. You’ll love soaking up the breathtaking views and the lively atmosphere. And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to some Cornish ice cream at Gylly Beach? Just imagine watching the sunset, feeling the gentle breeze from the waves, kids playing nearby, and you, indulging in delicious ice cream. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? 

If you’re into history and castles, you should check out Pendennis Castle too! It’s just a 9-minute walk from Castle Beach. Admission tickets cost £12.50 if you buy them online (you can get them at this link), but if you’re a member, it’s totally free! Alternatively, you can take a stroll around the castle, soak in the stunning views, and explore the nearby castle fort. 


Truro Cathedral

⌛ 23 min (by bus) or ±14 min (by train) 

💸 £7 (Cornwall bus day ticket) or £3.35 (train return ticket) 

The next great trip destination nearby is Truro, kind of like Cornwall’s capital city. It’s seriously gorgeous, especially with its jaw-dropping cathedral which, by the way, is where us Cornwall students are going to have summer graduation! The whole vibe of the city is so gothic in style, and what’s more, they have charming, cobbled streets too. It’s like stepping into a history book, but prettier. 

Oh, and if you’re into shopping, hold onto your purse strings! Truro has ALDI, Primark, Mark & Spencer, and TK Maxx, so you might need to budget a bit. And, speaking as someone with an international palate, I totally get those cravings for Asian food but am not up for cooking. Well, Truro’s got your back! They’ve got a bunch of Asian restaurants and stores to satisfy those cravings. Plus, here’s the best thing: You can walk everywhere! 

Redruth & Camborne  

⌛ 45 min (by bus) or 30 min (by train) 

💸 £7 (Cornwall bus day ticket) or £5.20 (train return ticket) 

Alright, here’s the real deal: when you buy a day ticket for Cornwall, you’re not just limited to one trip. You can actually hit two towns in a single day, and I suggest you do so for Redruth and Camborne. Both towns hold a great history of mining in Cornwall. Last year, my friends and I explored the town centre filled with local shops and visited the historical landmarks. Afterward, we were thinking about heading over to Camborne next. But then we were like, “Nah, let’s save it for tomorrow.” We’ve got a field trip to check out the Kings Edward Mine Museum, and we’re pretty pumped about it. But don’t worry, you can reach this museum by bus! It’s amazing how you can dive into Cornwall’s mining history and learn all about the treasures like tin and copper that come from these parts. 

St Austell 

The Eden Projecy

⌛ 1hr 4min (by bus) or 29 min (by train)  

💸 £7 (Cornwall bus day ticket) or £5.70 (train return ticket) 

Ever thought about checking out St Austell? It’s a charming little town worth exploring! Think of it like Falmouth’s sibling, with its own beautiful beaches like Porthpean and Charlestown, and some lush gardens to wander around in, like Pinetum Gardens, Eden Project (the admission fee might be pricey for us as a student tho, but I got tips for you) and The Lost Gardens of Heligan (there’s an admission fee for this too, but not as pricey as Eden Project).  

Now, for this trip, you’ve got a couple of options to choose from: the fast lane or the budget-friendly route. If you’re all about saving time and diving straight into the fun, I’d say buy yourself a return train ticket; it’s 30 minutes quicker than the bus ride. 

But, if you’re all about saving money, here’s the deal: hop on that bus and grab yourself a Cornwall day ticket. Yeah, it might seem pricier upfront, but here’s the deal: you won’t have to buy another bus ticket once you’re in St Austell because it’s already covered with the Cornwall day pass. Bonus point: You can even make a pit stop in Truro along the way since the bus passes by there too. 

Talking about the Eden Project tips, honestly, I got a free ticket to the Eden Project earlier this year thanks to this cool programme they had running. But sadly, that’s probably a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing, right? So, here’s the scoop on an even better deal: tag along with the ResLife team! Seriously, these guys are like the superheroes of student support. They’re always organising awesome outdoor day trips to places like the Eden Project and The Lost Gardens of Heligan with an affordable fee, and that includes transportation! 

Seal Sanctuary 

⌛ 20 min (with ResLife) 

💸 £5.58 (including the Sanctuary’s admission ticket) 

The same goes for my trip to Seal Sanctuary. I went there with the ResLife team, and guess what? This time, they got us food and drinks! I finally got to try the iconic cream tea (but don’t mention which team I’m on) and sipped on delicious hot chocolate. Though it was raining, drinking hot chocolate and seeing adorable seals truly warmed me up! Along with seals, there were also goats, sheep, horses, and penguins. Oh, and there were otters too, but sadly, I didn’t catch a glimpse of them since they’re apparently quite shy.  

I also got to witness a very cute interaction between a seal and a dog. They stared at each other, maybe wondering why they looked similar but also different at the same time. 😂 Fun fact: in my country, Indonesia, we call the seal “anjing laut” which means sea dog!   

❗Disclaimer: The journey time and price shown above approximately depend on when you are going (peak or off-peak hours) and whether you have a railcard for the train or not. I used trainline apps to buy my train ticket and railcard. For the bus fares and timetable information, you can check the Go Cornwall Bus website (https://www.gocornwallbus.co.uk/day-tickets) or through their apps.