Hey friends, it’s SJ here to share with you guys some of my personal favourite and awesome night out options here in Penryn and Falmouth. I’m fairly new around here so let me introduce myself: I am a first year Sustainable Energy Futures student studying in Penryn. Now like many Exeter students I know, our courses can be full on sometimes, so I think we can all agree that a good wind-down is necessary at the end of the day! Read on to hear about some of my top tips on the best (and student-budget friendly) evening activities you can find here in Falmouth 🙂 

First up I wanted to start with a few sober adventures that are a huge favourite to students studying in all years. Now, in my opinion, some of the loveliest nights I’ve had at uni have been spent sat around a BBQ all wrapped up in blankets after an evening swim at Gylly beach. Gyllyngvase beach is only a 15 minute walk away from town and is always filled with students enjoying a nice evening with their friends. Bring a pack of cards, play some music (although quietly can I add please!) and do some stargazing – honestly at how many universities can you do this on a Friday night?!  A few other recommendations for some sober evenings are the Phoenix Cinema and the Eureka Escape Rooms, both in Falmouth. The local cinema is a cute, traditional place always showing upcoming films; I recently went to see the new Hunger Games film there with my friends and had a lovely, chilled evening. The Escape Rooms on the other hand may not be so relaxing! Be prepared to be thrilled trying out their different rooms from just £16 per person – definitely a night to remember!

Next, I want to cover some of the live music venues in and around town. With Falmouth being filled with such creative students, this is the perfect place to experience such a vibey atmosphere whilst getting a few drinks with your mates. The Cornish Bank is a super popular location open 7 days a week (subject to specific events) where there are always new and upcoming artists playing their music. From Monday night Folk nights to bands such as The Native playing Taylor Swift covers – they’ve got it all. I cannot stress enough that this is one of my most important recommendations! Take a look at their Instagram (@cornishbank) to check out their upcoming gigs.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE a festival. The crowd, the music, the excitement, and then imagine that all on the stunning Cornish Coast! In a couple of weeks I’m attending the festival ‘Tunes in the Dunes’ for the first time and I couldn’t be more excited! This is located on Perranporth Beach with famous artists like McFly and Craig David performing. Just a half an hour’s drive away from the Uni and it’s on in May when everyone is still around with finishing up the year, so it’s a fab start to your summer. There are also so many more live music options here in Cornwall, I encourage you all to look some more up and please let me know if you find anymore hidden gems! 

Brunch at The Muddy Beach Café, Penryn

Now, one thing I’m not particularly keen on with no longer living at home, is you do have to cook for yourself every single night, which can be exhausting at times. Soooo why not try out a few of the local restaurants? Starting off with an adorable little place in Penryn called The Muddy Beach Café. This is only a 20 minute walk from campus and serves the BEST brunch! It overlooks Penryn harbour, and the menu is huge with tones of veggie and vegan options. They also put on such cute events like their “Live @ Muddy Beach”, “Boozy Brunch” and “Beats and Bubbles” (where they get a DJ out on the terrace with an awesome BBQ). Be sure to also take a stroll through Falmouth high street to pick out some places down there, I was shocked the first time I visited as there is heaps of places I’m still eager to try. Although, another personal favourite has to be Fives Cyderhouse right at the end of town. They’ve got the best food in there that you can enjoy in a cosy beer garden – however that’s not all this place is known for. It is also a great pub, that occasionally do Vintage clothes Kilo Sales where I have got some cool clothes for so cheap. And this is not also forgetting the famous Fives Below venue located under the pub. It’s kind of like a mini club, but they do awesome DnB nights there that are a must to attend. This brings me onto my final suggestions (and maybe my slightly too often visited) – the pubs and clubs!

One thing I was really unsure about before coming to University in Cornwall was ‘Is the nightlife there going to be enough?’ Well, if I haven’t already proven that to be false, I’m really about to convince you just how silly this assumption can be. Number one; Chintz. This is the edgiest and coolest place in town. With their Wonderland theme, Monday night Jazz nights and great choices of draughts, I guarantee you everyone has stepped foot in here! It has one of my favourite atmospheres in town and can be great for a quick drink and dance.

‘Underland’ live music area at The Chintz Bar, Falmouth

This brings me to The Games Room, filled with pool tables, dart boards, Jenga, foosball, ping-pong, you name it – it’s got it all. With Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays offering pool for free, and with the football or rugby games always up on the screens, it’s one of the liveliest places in town. Next is The Grapes Inn, how I do LOVE a Thursday night karaoke session there! Along with being a great pub, nothing beats a good singsong with your friends. I once went to a Taylor Swift Society karaoke night in there and honestly, I think it was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had. Some more pubs and bars include The Thirsty Scholar, Seven Stars (both in Penryn) and then Finn M’Coul’s, Kona bar, Small Ships and of course Weatherspoon’s in Falmouth. However, now onto the two most ICONIC places left to explore – The Kings and Mangos. You bet on a Saturday night, these are the best places to go for good club night here in Falmouth. While Kings do silent discos and are home to various society socials, Mangos has both a bar floor with karaoke and an upstairs club with the best tracks playing. Student night in Mangos is a Wednesday, so you bet if I’ve not got any lectures on a Thursday, I’ll be there having £1 shots with all my friends. That’s also one of the great things about this town, it’s got variety however it is also small enough to bump into so many people all in one night! All of these places are also super safe; granted yes, just like any time you go out clubbing or drinking you should always be super aware of your drinks, but this is one of the safest uni cities which just makes going out that little more comfortable. 

But finally please all remember to look after each other and I’m so excited to see you all either enjoying a meal at Muddy Beach, or on the waves at Gylly, or even performing your favourite song on a Thursday night in Grapes!