Good morning everyone! We hope that you’ve had a lovely week. Whilst many students do choose to live in University accommodation in their first year, this is not mandatory. Today’s blog is looking into alternatives housing options for first year students:

Your options:

  • Privately owned students halls (Purpose built student accommodation
  • Living at home and commuting
  • A private house or apartment
  • A resident landlord/host family

Purpose Built Student Accommodation

There are many private halls similar to the ones you would find owned by the University. They are designed and fully equipped to meet the varying demands of today’s students, ranging from studios to shared apartments. Exeter has many companies that manage a variety of these properties as you can see on our dedicated webpage.

Our student accommodation map shows the city and its residences and their distance to our campuses.

Many of these properties have shared areas within the larger student accommodation buildings and can include TV and cinema rooms, laundry facilities, games areas, study rooms and fully equipped gyms along with other modern multipurpose social spaces. Many providers arrange events throughout the year that promote and encourage the student atmosphere and help tenants integrate into the student community.

The residences tend to be situated in central locations close to the city centre and within a short walk to the University. Bills are also generally included in the rent which can be incredibly useful and a real weight of your shoulders, remember that it is worth checking what you may be required to pay and any deposits that may be required whilst booking.

The onsite management teams are there to support you through your journey with them. They can assist with booking and arranging viewings, answering your questions and act as your main point of contact from the initial stages right through to looking after you and being there to support you when you move in.

Private Houses and Apartments

Many landlords and agents advertise through the University property search engine at: There is also a messageboard that all students can access where they can meet other students who may be looking to advertise a spare room/looking for housemates

Living at Home

If you’re local to the area then you may find that it is cheaper/more convenient for you to commute from home. Many students do choose to do this so you won’t be alone! Remember that you will meet other students in many ways throughout your time here. Not all students end up making friends with their housemates and you may find that your coursemates or friends you meet through hobbies/evenings out become your new best friends. There’s also the bonus of home comforts!

Resident Landlord/Host Family

Another option to consider is to live in a house with the landlord as a lodger.  These rooms are often short-term lets and are suitable for students who will not be in Exeter for the full academic year, or who want to secure accommodation for a short period whilst looking for longer term accommodation. However, some landlords simply want to rent out a room and will take you for a longer contract!
If you are considering a house with a live in landlord in a self-contained flat we recommend you look on the Studentpad website and search under the ‘Resident Landlord/Host Family’ category.

Student Community Wardens

If you are going to be staying in the city, outside of University accommodation, you won’t be alone and we are still here for you. Our team of Student Community Wardens work closely with the Students’ GuildDevon and Cornwall Constabulary and Exeter City Council to support students living off campus. They are here to help you integrate into the community and settle into student life.

Remember to think about what is right for you when it comes to new houses. Be sure to take your time and ask all the questions you need to! Thanks very much for reading today’s blog, if you have any more questions or need to speak to one of our team please do get in contact with us as we’re here to help you.

Have a lovely week everyone!

Accommodation Shannon