Hello everyone! As our accommodation application system opened last week, this blog will focus on some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we get asked by students, to try and help make your application process run smoothly.

Where can I find my Student ID number?

When the University Admissions team wrote to you with your offer of study, the email would have contained your Exeter student ID number on it. It will also be quoted on any other correspondence from Admissions. It is 9 digits long and is likely to start with 72 or 73.

Why do I keep getting an error message when I try to register my account?

If there is any mismatch between the details which you have entered and those held on our system, you may see the following error message:

“All students must have a FIRM offer confirmed with the University of Exeter in order to be able to register an accommodation account.
Undergraduate students – you must have confirmed on UCAS that Exeter is your FIRM choice, not an Insurance choice.
Postgraduate students – you must have accepted your course offer AND paid your tuition fee deposit AND for these funds to have been received by the University.
In all instances there can be a delay of up to 48 hours after your course offer has been made Firm before you will be able to register an account and apply online. If you are still unable to activate your account after this time, please contact us.”


This is usually because of one (or more!) of the following:

  • You are using your UCAS ID number rather than your Exeter Student number.
  • Your name needs to match our records exactly. If you have multiple forenames or a double-barrelled surname then you might need to check with us how it has been formatted on our system. Please don’t use nicknames.
  • You have not yet accepted Exeter as your FIRM choice (remember you may need to give it up to 2 days after firming for your records to be updated). Postgraduate students also need to have paid their tuition fee deposit and for it to have been received and processed by the university.
  • Your date of birth needs to be in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  • Password needs to meet our security criteria: at least 8 letters with at least 1 number and 1 capital (uppercase) letter

The other possibility is that you already have an accommodation account which you registered last year, but then deferred your study place. If you have forgotten your original password, click on the “Forgotten your password” link on the Login page.

If you still aren’t able to register, contact us for help.

How do I update my account details?

You can manage your accommodation account details online through the ‘Account’ tab. Here you can reset your password. If you wish to change your login email address, go to ‘Maintain Account’.

Any other personal details will need to be updated either through UCAS or through the admissions team.

How many preferences do I have when I apply for accommodation and do I need to select all of them?

For 2023/24 applications which are submitted before 31 July, you will need to select 4 preferences. You will only be able to submit your application once you have added 4 preferences.

How can I edit my application?

It is possible to amend or delete an application but only before it has been submitted.

  • Log in to your accommodation account
  • Navigate to the ‘My Application and Booking’ tab
  • Select ‘View’ against your application
  • To amend your application, please select ‘edit’ against the relevant section then ‘save’ the application once again.
  • Once you are happy with the details you have entered, don’t forget to submit your application.

You won’t be able to make changes to your application once it has been submitted.   

Which application type do I need?

If you are starting with us in September 2023 then you need to firstly select the 2023-24 session. You will then be presented with a number of application types like the example image below (these will be updated for 2023-24).

The majority of our applicants will be selecting either the “New Undergraduate” or “New Postgraduate” options. However, there are also specific applications for students on an international exchange programme, or who will be studying on particular Medical School programmes, or for our couples accommodation. Please select whichever is most relevant to you. 

We hope that this has been a useful blog post, but remember that you can still contact us with any questions. We are currently available Monday-Friday 9-5pm.