Hello everyone! I know we’ve been gone for a few weeks but we are back today with a post for those of you who already have your unconditional study place confirmed at Exeter and have submitted an accommodation application. This will most likely be students who deferred their study place last year.

We explain how we process applications from undergraduates on our Room Allocation Procedure webpage. If your status is Unconditional Firm (UF) and you submitted your application by 31 May then we will be working through these applications throughout June. Our computer system randomly selects an application from all the UF applicants for us to work on, and the list reshuffles and randomises again after that application has been processed.

We will be sending out offers to these students by the end of June but we do this in small batches across the weeks – not a whole residence in one go – as we want to be sure that we have team members available for you to speak to if you have any questions. So if you have friends who have already received their offer then please be patient!

If you are UF and submit your application between 1-30 June then we will send you an offer by 21 July, and for applications submitted between 1-31 July you will receive an offer by 12 August.

When we send out offers you will be notified by email (to the email address that you log in to the accommodation portal with) that you have an offer to review. You then need to log in to the accommodation portal to view and accept the offer within the deadline specified. If you want to know more about Accommodation Offers then take a look at our dedicated webpage.

Please remember that this timeframe is only for students who already have their exam results confirmed and therefore have an “Unconditional Firm” status. If you are waiting on exam results that are due out later this summer, then we will send out those offers in batches in late August. Keep an eye on the blog and we will confirm when we are planning to start sending offers, closer to the time.

If you have only just confirmed your Firm choice university to UCAS and don’t know where to start with applying for accommodation then you can take a look at our How To Apply webpage and the other pages under the “Applying” tab on the Accommodation website.

The most important thing is to apply within our Accommodation Guarantee period, which this year ends on 31 July. Check out this webpage to see if you are covered by the guarantee.

For our Postgraduate students, we are processing these applications and sending out offers on a regular basis. If you have recently confirmed your place and paid your Postgraduate tuition fee deposit then please submit an application as soon as possible, as we do process postgraduate applications in date order of receipt.

Have a great week!

Accommodation Meridith