At this time of year we find that a lot of students panic about trying to find a house for next year. In case all the “Good houses” are gone. This is not the case, we find that landlords advertise new properties throughout the year and sometimes waiting for the right place will leave you time to think through what it is you want from your new house.

With everything that has been going on recently, we want to stress the importance of not rushing when trying to secure accommodation. Nobody knows what will happen over the next few months so you should be prepared for all outcomes. It is important to discuss with any potential landlords their covid policies. Such as their policy in leaving a contract in case of emergency.

You may also want to take a look at the government website for information on renting a property during these times.

Who do I live with?
The important thing when choosing who to live with is to take your time and choose wisely. If you sign a contract then you will be tied in to that contract for the duration of the year. So you will want to make sure that the people you live with are right for you as it can be very difficult to terminate a legally-binding contract once accepted.

So have a think, do you want to live with your current flatmates, friends you’ve met through courses or hobbies or would you rather live on your own? It’s important to have a really good think about what would be best for you as this will be your ‘household’ for the year.

If you are looking for flatmates you can use Studentpad to search for flatmates using the ‘flatmate finder’ tool within the messageboard. This will only be accessible to other Exeter students.

Where do I look?
We recommend that you start by looking on our Studentpad website to see what accommodation is available. Studentpad is a free, easy to use student accommodation search engine which allows you to search by accommodation type, number of bedrooms or price. 
The main takeaway from today’s blog is not to panic! Take your time when considering housing next year and plan ahead. We hope that you’ve found today’s blog useful, stay safe and well!

Accommodation Shannon