Hello all ! Welcome to todays blog. Last week we discussed finding accommodation and how to find something but today we’re looking at who to live with.

January starters

We have seen an unusual and difficult start to the academic year in a year like no other. Many students have taken the hard to decision to defer their studies until January and others working online for term 1. For those of you that will be starting or coming back in January, we don’t want you to worry. There are many students in the same position when it comes to thinking about their second year accommodation. We try to encourage students not to rush into trying to find their next homes, it is a big decision.

Many private landlords do not start advertising properties until the second or third term. With this year especially, as we do not know what the new year will bring with the coronavirus situation, it is important not to tie yourself into a contract without taking the time to consider your options. You may be concerned that as you are not living with your flatmates yet, that you will not have a group to live with come September. This is not the case, despite the fact that many others will be in the same boat, living with flatmates is not the only option.

  • Live on your own
  • Live with your course mates 
  • Live with your current flat mates
  • Society friends 
  • Mix it up and meet new people

Finding flatmates online

One way of finding flatmates is using our Studentpad website, which has a ‘roommate finder’ facility where you can register your details in order to find other students who are looking to share private housing. So if you don’t know who to live with or if you want to broaden your housemate options take a look and register your details to find other housemates. You can do this via the Studentpad Message Board. This board is only accessible to students, so email us for the password via sid@exeter.ac.uk

At the end of the day, it is your decision, so take your time and choose wisely. Just remember that if you are accepting a contract in the next few weeks, then you will be tied in to that contract for the duration of the year. So you will want to make sure that the people you live with are right as it’s not easy to terminate a legally-binding contract once accepted.

Accommodation Shannon