Good morning all and welcome to today’s blog! Today we are going to be discussing accommodation options for those of you who will be needing it from January 2021. Whether you have chosen to study online, defer your studies or are part of an exchange programme we will try  to accommodate you. Whilst, we don’t know what will happen in the next few months, please take a moment to read our current plans. We know that it can be confusing with all the various application types, so we’ve included what you need to select according to your situation.

Semester 2 exchange students

For those of you who are doing an exchange programme from a partner University, you are able to apply for University accommodation from the 2nd November 2020. You may need to check government guidelines  about whether you will need to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival and please do keep in contact with your home University about their current coronavirus travel policy.
All applications are dealt with in order of receipt and offers of accommodation are subject to availability. Offers will be sent from week commencing 9 November 2020 onwards.

 Students arriving in Exeter for the first time

New undergraduate students who have not yet received an offer of accommodation are welcome to apply on our website. Please be aware that we may not be able to offer you a place in our University residences, in this case, we will try to find you a bed space in one of our nominated properties. You may also want to look into short term private accommodation via Studentpad, the message board is also a great place to find others who may be wishing for their contract to be taken over or looking to set up a group of students for a house.

Postgraduate students

Any applicant starting with us in January as a postgraduate student can apply online from the 5th October. This also includes PhD students. Applications must be received by the accommodation guarantee deadline of Monday 30 November. We will start sending out offers of accommodation to these students from early November onwards, so if you have applied recently you should hear from us over the next few weeks.

Returning from remote study

If you have been approved by your college for studying remotely during term 1 and have received confirmation from us, we will have held your room for you until you arrive in January. Please let us know when you plan to arrive  so that we can ensure that you are able to collect your key from your residence reception. If you arrive before the 4th January then the amount will be added to your accommodation account for this period.

Please remember that this information is up to date at the moment, however, we are closely monitoring the current coronavirus situation and will keep you updated if there is any change. Thank you for reading today’s blog and remember to contact us if you have any questions! Have a lovely week. Stay safe!

Accommodation Shannon