We understand that some of you may not have been able to attend an Offer Holder Visit Day, so for the next three weeks our blog will focus on the type of questions which typically come up. If you need a copy of our Undergraduate Accommodation Guide for 2020 then you can view or download a copy from our website. This week we focus on the practicalities of having two campuses within the City and how this might affect your accommodation preferences. So whether you will be studying at both our Streatham and St Luke’s campuses, or will be studying at St Luke’s but will be participating in sports on the Streatham Campus, read on to see what options you have:

Which residences are close to both St Luke’s and Streatham Campuses?
The answer to this question mostly comes down to personal preference and whether you are looking to live in catered or self-catered accommodation. All of our catered accommodation is located on the Streatham Campus and there are set meal times, so you may want to consider whether you will be able to make the most of this option if you are going to have to travel between the two campuses. Our self-catered accommodation is spread between the Streatham Campus and various off-campus locations, so you do have plenty of options available to you. We have a residence in the city centre, along with others near to St Luke’s or close to the main train station for Exeter at St Davids.

  • Closest to St Luke’s – Our Rowancroft residences, including Rowancroft (en-suite), Rowancroft Court and Rowancroft Mews (both standard), are only a five minute walk to St Luke’s. Nancherrow is located right next to St Luke’s or would be about 30 minutes’ walk to the Streatham Campus. St Luke’s Campus does have its own sports hall, health and fitness studio and swimming pool; find out more on their website. There is also a local Stagecoach bus service route D which runs past St Luke’s, through the city centre and up to the Streatham Campus. It currently runs every 15 minutes through the day and half-hourly during the evening and at weekends.
  • Equal distanceJames Owen Court is an en-suite residence located in the city centre and is only 20-25 minutes’ walk to Streatham and 15 minutes’ walk to St Luke’s. It benefits from being at the top of the High Street, with the main shopping area only five minutes’ walk away.
  • Closest to Streatham – All other residences are located on or within a 20-25 minute walk to the Streatham Campus; please see our website for further information on these. There is a free shuttle bus which runs from St David’s train station to Streatham and St Luke’s daily. Our closest residences to St Davids are: Brunel Close and Kingdom Mews (collectively known as St David’s), Point Exe, and Cook & Llewellyn Mews. These are approximately 15 minutes’ walk to the Streatham Campus.
  • Closest to the Streatham Sports Park – The residences closest to the Sports Park at Streatham include Holland Hall and Mardon Hall (catered), Clydesdale Rise and Birks Grange Village (self-catered and catered). Residences located on Streatham but on the side of campus which is closer to the city centre or St Luke’s include: Exeter Halls (catered), East Park, Lafrowda, Rowe House and St Germans.

Did you know we have virtual tours of most of our residences? These are a great way to get a better feel for what the accommodation is like, especially if you have not been able to visit us in person. You may want to have a look at our guidance on how to choose your accommodation, and we also recommend you read our accommodation guarantee and room allocation procedure to understand how your application will be processed.

Other options available
If living in university accommodation is not for you, then please remember that this is not compulsory, and you can look for private accommodation in the city if you prefer. There are a number of larger providers of purpose-built student accommodation located across the city centre and also private landlords/letting agents with rooms, houses and flats. Take a look at our website for advice and information.

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