In this guest blog, student Emily reflects on finding accommodation for year two and how it wasn’t as difficult as getting tickets to the local nightclub…

Don’t panic! Getting a house for your second year isn’t as hard as you and all your friends securing an infamous Wednesday night Timepiece ticket (despite what many may say when you join)!

I know first-hand the process of trying to secure both that FIXR barcode as soon as the tickets release and securing your house with a deposit, which can cause some stress for Exeter students, especially if you feel like you’re the one left out.

Tenancies VS ticket tizzies

I know always much easier said than done but houses are not all taken in the same few seconds they are released onto the market like TP tickets so often are. So just because people you know and hear talking around campus may mention they have a house sorted doesn’t mean you need to start looking at the local campsite availability for your second year! There are plenty of places to live, despite the tales of “if you haven’t got it sorted before Christmas there is nowhere left”, there are even houses available in September to live in if needs be.

The hustle for a house

The talk of hustling for housing has always been a favourite conversation amongst Exeter Students. But the word of a few doesn’t always relate to the many, so try not to get spooked by others and focus on getting to know the people you feel you may want to live with. Ask those in older years how they found their experience and where they lived to have a better idea of the areas you could be looking for. To relate it to TP tickets again, even when they are all sold out there are many still available later on Overheard at Exeter (sometimes even for cheaper than you could have got before).

Once you have made your bed you do have to lie in it!

The old saying couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to being smart about second year housing.

Make sure the house you choose is the perfect fit, looking at where and who you are living with in particular. It is better to wait longer for the right house to come along rather than settle for the wrong one and regretting it later. Unlike the £2.80 you pay for a TP ticket, your house deposit will be slightly more than your usual night out!

Going out with the wrong group doesn’t equal a good night and same can be said for housing. You’re with the people you choose to live with for a year not just one evening, so find people you know you will have a fun time with and enjoy planning your move in good time rather than just signing a contract.

For help and advice on looking for a place to live, or people to live with after your first year, take a look at our Move Smart resources >