One of the most common accommodation questions we’re asked is about our room allocation procedure. Have a read below to find out the process and what you can do in your application to ensure we allocate the best room for you.

Are rooms allocated on a first come, first served basis?

If you’re an undergraduate who applies by our guarantee deadline, we’ll use a computer to randomly select one of your applications to allocate a room based on the information you’ve given in your application. If you apply after our guarantee deadline, applications will be processed in date order. You won’t be able to specify which accommodation you want to live in, but you can state your preferences and we will try our best to allocate somewhere that matches them.

For postgraduate students and exchange students coming to Exeter for one semester, your applications will always be processed on a first come, first served basis.

How do you decide which accommodation to allocate to first?

We allocate the most popular residences first. Once the computer has chosen an application, we look at your top choices and your additional accommodation preferences to allocate you. This process continues until the number of students required to fill a residence is reached. If we are unable to allocate you your first preference of residence, we will look to allocate you to your second preference. If this is also full, we will look to allocate you to your third preference, and so on.

Each application is read by a member of our team (not a robot!) so please do put any important information you think we should know in your application!

What preferences can I choose when applying?

When you apply for accommodation, you can put down 4 preferences. You should also answer a series of questions to help us determine the right accommodation for us to place you in. We then allocate on this priority basis:

  • If you need to live in a single gender rather than mixed gender flat
  • If you would prefer a quiet flat (to live with other people who have mentioned this within their application)
  • The ages of people you wish to live with: either under 21 years or 21 years and over
  • If you would prefer to live with people who do not drink alcohol

Do you prioritise certain students?

Whilst we do allocate rooms randomly, students with disabilities, health needs or other supported requirements will be prioritised and considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have a condition that will affect your choice of accommodation, please read our blog on arranging accommodation adjustments and contact our Wellbeing Services.

If you want more details about anything we’ve covered here, read our full Room Allocation Procedure webpage.

Applications open on Monday 8th April. If you have questions for us in the meantime, please get in touch!

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