In today’s blog, we will be looking at living away from your main campus and why this is a great experience. But before we get to that, just an update that we do still have some availability within our residences if you haven’t yet made an application to us. Options are likely to be in catered (standard and en-suite) and self-catered standard (off-campus) so please submit your application as soon as you can. Take a look at our Applying after the guarantee webpage for further information.

There could be lots of reasons why your accommodation search takes you away from living on campus, but as Exeter is quite a small city with good transport links, living in Exeter can be a really positive experience.

Whether you’re living in University-owned or private accommodation, we have lots of helpful tips to support you if you’re feeling concerned, left-out or unsure about being away from campus.

Why choose off-campus Living?

As a new student the concept may seem quite daunting. Many students in this situation worry that they will miss out on “campus life”. However, living away from campus has just as many benefits (if not more!)  and can give you a wonderful University experience.

  • Separating Work and Play – Being able to get away from campus and unwind after a long day of study can be a real benefit of having your home life off campus.
  • Life in the city – Living near the vibrant city centre gives you easy access to bars, clubs and cafés, whilst still being in walking distance of your lectures and facilities on campus.
  • Getting aroundPublic transport is regular throughout the day and evening across the city and to and from each campus so you’re never far away.
  • Things to see and do – Exeter has some beautiful parks, the stunning Exeter Cathedral green area and the vibrant Quay. Have a look at the Visit Exeter website to get an idea of just some of the things to do and see in Exeter.
  • University Support – Even when living away from campus, you are not alone. If you’re in University accommodation located in the city, you’ll have the support of the Residence Life Team and if you’re in private accommodation, you’ll still have full access to the University’s welfare support and will have the support of our Student Community Wardens. 

Hopefully this has helped give you some useful information and reassurance about the possibility of living off campus. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog, have a great week.

Accommodation Meridith